Ask Anna – What should I do after my exams?

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Ask Anna

“I have finished my final year and taken all my final exams – what should I do now?”
It is common amongst many students who wish to study abroad to feel confused as to their next steps after finishing school or college, but please don’t worry as there are some simple steps for you to follow.
If you want to study abroad, the first thing you need to do is find what and where you want to study. This can be easier said (and written) than done. Ask yourself what direction you want to take your career in and what you really enjoy doing. Please read my article ‘What do other students study, why and where’ for further insight on how other students choose their courses. When you have an idea, perform a course search on the StudyLink website to find all the different course options available.
Deciding on your study location can be a fun process and we have lots of information about different study destinations around the world here on the StudyLink website. Just click on Destinations in the top menu to read all information we have provided to help you choose you ideal study location. If you find it hard to choose, please look at my previous article ‘How Do I Decide Between Two Destinations‘ for some assistance.
The next step is applying for your chosen course. Before we begin, make sure that you meet the admission criteria for your chosen course. I have provided more information on how to do this in my article ‘How to Find Admission Requirements‘. If you find you are struggling to meet course requirements, don’t give up. I have provided the article ‘What if I Don’t Make the Grade‘ which outlines several options available to you to help you gain entry to study abroad courses.
When you are happy that you have satisfied entry criteria, it’s time to begin your application. I give more useful information about this in my article ‘How do I apply for a course‘.
Do remember, Universities are always willing to provide help along every step of the way. Don’t be afraid to contact the international departments of the institution of your choice, as they will be happy to provide you with further assistance on your study abroad journey.
Good luck with your next steps and let me know if you have any more study abroad questions!

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