10 Reasons You Should Go To UCAM

By Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM)

10 Reasons You Should Go To UCAM

Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM) is the Catholic University of Murcia, one of the fastest growing private university that has emerged to be the third largest in Spain with highly sought after and recognised programmes across Europe since it was birthed 16 years ago.

Located near the Southeastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula, in the region of Murcia, UCAM livens up the culture in the region by being the leader of university sport leagues with a thriving fan-base in the cities of Murcia.

As you are probably already familiar with the template of viral social media feeds we amuse ourselves to during the mini pauses we take in our daily routine, here is UCAM’s bid at a lighthearted article to peak your interest in this particular university and the region it is in.

As we believe that brevity and succinctness is sacred in the digital age of multitasking urban dwellers, we hope to introduce UCAM as a study destination in a fashion that appeals to your appetite for visual spectacle and humour.

You can find more information about our university on our international website or on our University’s profile on Studylink.

1. The campus is built on the site of an 18th Century Monastery in Los Jerónimos, Murcia

UCAM campus

The campus nested amidst mountains and plains, just minutes away from the capital of Murcia – Image provided by UCAM

UCAM campus birds eye view

Bird’s eye view of the campus – Image provided by UCAM

2. It is where history and modernity meet when the campus has been built to facilitate a vibrant campus life whilst reminiscing the historical significance of the architecture.

UCAM gym

A well-maintained and well-equipped professional gym – Image provided by UCAM

UCAM chapel

The chapel in the campus – Image provided by UCAM

3. The programmes offered are distinguished in Europe and worldwide, with good graduate employability prospects as well.

UCAM Master's in High Performance Sport: Strength and Conditioning

Master’s in High Performance Sport: Strength and Conditioning – Image provided by UCAM

UCAM Bachelors in Psychology

Bachelor’s in Psychology – Image provided by UCAM

4.  UCAM’s sports team has a formidable fanbase with the locals in Murcia because of their professional performance at university-level and national-level sport leagues.

UCAM Universidad Club de Fútbol

UCAM Universidad Club de Fútbol – Image provided by UCAM

UCAM Universidad Club de Baloncesto

UCAM Universidad Club de Baloncesto, match against Regal Barcelona – Image provided by UCAM

5. Murcia is a region with its unique culture and history in the Iberian Peninsula, bordering two equally unique regions – Andalusia and Valencia.

UCAM - Casino de Murcia

Casino de Murcia – Image from Wikipedia Commons

6. The beaches along the Murcian region are not your typical.

UCAM - La Manga del Mar Menor

La Manga del Mar Menor (a strip of beaches and resorts that separates the Mediterranean Sea from the land-locked Mar Menor) – Image from homeaway.co.uk

UCAM - Another view of La Manga

Another view of La Manga (also called The Sleeve) – Image from lavozdelamanga.com

7. And if you prefer hiking…

UCAM - Sierra de la Pila

Sierra de la Pila Regional Park – Image from spain-holiday.com

8. The history of Murcia renders it an interesting region with multicultural influence in its festivities and livelihood.

UCAM - Castillo de Lorca

Castillo de Lorca – Image from spanishculture.com

9. Living in Murcia is not as unaffordable as most other European cities, and you will not be foregoing the pleasures of life.

UCAM - Tapas

Typical promotions all over Murcia with some of the lowest prices for food across Europe – Image from estrelladelevante.es

10. Did I mention, Tapas and Pinchos/Pinxos are specialities in Murcia with many variations that are not found elsewhere in Spain.

UCAM - Iberian tapas

Just a few of many variations of Tapas all across the Iberian Peninsula – Image from Groupon.com

UCAM - Pichos

Pichos/Pinxos and other varieties of Spanish cuisine in a Spanish bar – Image from iliketapas.com

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