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About Diploma at University of Waikato

A diploma is equivalent to the second year of study of a bachelor's degree. A diploma is a good way to gain an introductory qualification in a field of study, and is slightly more comprehensive than a certificate programme


A diploma can be taken in any of the following fields:

  • Arts
  • Communication Studies
  • Education
  • Environmental Planning
  • Law
  • Management
  • Maori and Pacific Development
  • Science
  • Sport and Leisure Studies
  • Tourism

See below for a full list of subjects that you can complete a certificate in, under the subjects drop down menu.

Undergraduate Diploma in Maori and Pacific Development

The Undergraduate Certificate and Undergraduate Diploma in Māori and Pacific Development are available to students who wish to study in a particular field without having to complete a whole bachelor's degree.

To complete the requirements of the Undergraduate Diploma, students must gain 120 points at 100 level or above, including 80 points at 200 level or above. At least 80 points must be gained in one field. Up to 40 points may be included from other undergraduate fields.

Undergraduate Diploma in Science (Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences)

The Undergraduate Diploma in Science is for students who wish to gain an introductory qualification in a particular field of study, such as such as Computer Science, Mathematics or Statistics.

Students need to gain 120 points at 100 level (first year papers) or above in one of these fields, including 80 points at 200 level (second year papers) or above to complete the Diploma. Each paper has a certain number of points attached to it. For example, most 100 level papers are 15 points and most 200 and 300 level papers are 20 points so 80 points at 200 level or above usually equals four papers. Students gain points when they pass a paper.

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