About University of Verona

Why Verona

The University of Verona is a dynamic university that invests in academic research and encourages teaching methods that promote personal and intellectual growth. More than 23,000 students are supported by its 1,500 university staff who contribute to the quality of student life by providing a solid framework of structural, financial and human resources.The university also devotes special attention to international experiences: it currently has more than 300 active international cooperation agreements with EU and non-EU universities and more than 1,400 foreign students enrolled as full-time students. According to “The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2017” the University of Verona is among the 100 best young universities in the world, getting the best results in “Citations”, “International Outlook” and “Industry Income”. According to the 2016 ranking of Italian universities (Il Sole24 Ore), the University of Verona is the best university in Italy.

Where we are

Our institution is located in Verona, northern Italian town celebrated by William Shakespeare as a unique place where the poetry of feeling can be fully expressed. Also for this reason, Verona can be called the “heart of the world”, a human-sized city with a long tradition of international exchanges, a high quality of life and a broad range of cultural and recreational activities.

Academic Offer

The University of Verona has 12 departments grouped into four main disciplinary areas: Law and Economics, Humanities, Life and Health Sciences, and Science and Engineering. The university currently offers 60 Bachelor’s degrees, 34 Master’s degrees, 41 medical postgraduate specialisation courses and one postgraduate specialisation for law. In addition, it has introduced six Master’s degrees which are taught entirely in English: Economics, International Economics and Business Management (Vicenza campus), Linguistics, Mathematics, Molecular and Medical Biotechnology and Medical Bioinformatics. The University of Verona has four PhD Schools covering the broad areas of Law and Economics, Humanities, Life and Health Sciences, and Engineering and Natural Sciences. Together, these four Schools offer 14 regular PhD programmes and three joint-university PhD programmes.

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