About University of Tampere

The University of Tampere (UTA) is a culturally-committed higher education institution with a social mission of educating visionaries who understand the world and change it. The UTA is a multi-discipline university known especially for its research and education on society and health.

Reasearch and teaching are carried out in the nine Schools of the university:

  • BioMediTech
  • School of Information Sciences
  • School of Management
  • School of Education
  • School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies
  • School of Medicine
  • School of Health Sciences
  • School of Communication, Media and Theatre
  • School of Social Sciences and Humanities

The basic values of the university are academic freedom, creativity and social responsibility. This means that everyone has an equal right to learn, to acquire knowledge, to participate and to make an impact on society.


The UTA conducts research in the social sciences and humanities, medicine and health sciences, management and business, as well as education and information sciences. According to the university profile, the focus areas of research are society and health.

In its research, the university addresses the central issues in contemporary society. By providing critical knowledge and education, the university helps people and societies to improve their health and their cultural, social and economic well-being.

Studying at the UTA

Studies in our Master’s degree programmes are a combination of taught courses and your independent research work. In the first academic year, the main emphasis is on the compulsory studies and coursework, and in the second academic year, on the preparation of the Master’s thesis, and the methodological studies supporting it.

As a student, you are recognised as a junior member of the academic community right from the beginning of your studies, and are expected to take charge of your studies and make the most of the possibilities the university offers.

The Finnish system of academic education gives students a lot of freedom in planning and scheduling their studies. In the Master’s programmes, there are possibilities for you to select courses according your own interests and even include courses from other degree programmes into your degree.

However, you are not left alone in the planning of your studies or the possible problems you may encounter. As a UTA student, you are entitled to academic counselling and study guidance throughout your studies. In addition to the academic counselling given in your degree programme, as an international student you are entitled to the general counselling services of the university, such as career advice and personal counselling sessions with a professional counsellor.

The University of Tampere organises a one-week orientation course for all new international students at the beginning of each semester. The course covers issues such as studies at the UTA, practicalities related to the arrival in Finland, university services provided to students, and activities of the student union and its clubs and societies. As an international student, you are also given a student tutor - a local student to guide you in the process of moving to a new country and university. Student tutors will be in touch with you already before your arrival and will help you with practical problems and ease your way into the university community.


The university is located in Tampere, the third largest city in Finland as well as the largest inland city in the Nordic countries. The Tampere region is the second most important region in Finland bustling with scientific, industrial and cultural activities. It is a young and vibrant city known of its student life: of its 220 000 inhabitants over 40 000 are students! This is also very visible in the city development strategy, as being the most student-friendly city in Finland is its central theme.

Being one of the most populous cities in Finland, the services of Tampere are sufficient for even the most demanding students. Efficient public transport, outdoor and hobby possibilities, specialised shops and services for different groups, for example students with families, enable a good quality of life for all. In addition, Tampere has a vivid theatre, music and festival culture.

Students that reside in Tampere and own a student card are entitled to over 200 different student benefits and discounts that vary from welfare discounts as well as clothes and utility article discounts to benefits that enable a more affordable social life.

More information on the most student-friendly city in Finland - events, housing, student benefits, etc. - please see http://opiskelijantampere.fi/en.

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