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The University of St Andrews welcomes students from around the world. Approximately 30 per cent of our student population join us from overseas, with some 1,500 undergraduates representing more than 120 different nationalities. At St Andrews there are students from almost every state in the USA and province in Canada, representing around 15 per cent of the student population. Other students arrive from Japan, China, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Africa, India, the West Indies and even further afield.

The University of St Andrews is the most international of Scotland's universities and one of the most international in the UK. Students apply to St Andrews from over 140 different countries including USA, China, Taiwan, Russia Kazakhstan, Australia, Canada, Norway and Malaysia. If you’re thinking about studying at the University of St Andrews, you might find this information on moving to the UK useful.

The University has a number of international scholarships available, including the Ciência sem fronteiras UK scheme and the China Scholarship Council - University of St Andrews Scholarships programme. Find out more on our website!

Courses at University of St Andrews

There are 968 courses listed from University of St Andrews. These are displayed below in alphabetical order:

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