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Miscellaneous Award, Other Masters

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About Master in Surgery at Trinity College Dublin

Candidates for the M.Ch. degree must be M.B. graduates (oracceptable equivalent of at least 3 years standing.) A candidate must either be a graduate of the University of Dublin or have been for at least one year prior to registration a full-time or part-time member of staff of the College, or a formally appointed Research Fellow of the College, or a Registrar in one of the teaching hospitals with which the College has a formalassociation. Application must be made on the Official Form which may be obtained from the Graduate Admissions Office

Candidates must receive the approval of the Professional HigherDegree Committee of the School of Physic, through the Dean of Graduate Studies, for a statement describing the research work which is proposed to submit, the names of the hospital or department in which the work is being or has been, done and the names of collaborators, if any.

In the case of candidates who are not graduates of the University of Dublin, it will be required that the bulk of the research work which iseventually submitted will have been carried out by them while on the staff of the College or of the Hospital as the case may be.

After being informed by the Dean of Graduate Studies that theyhave been accepted for registration, candidates must pay the required fees and register within the time allowed.

A thesis for examination must be presented not less than twelvemonths or more than five years after the date of registration. The examiners may require a candidate to attend for a viva voce examination.

Two bound copies of the thesis, typewritten or printed, must be sent to the Graduate Studies Office. Information about the presentation of theses is available from the Graduate Studies Office (see Section 1, Paragraph 1.30 above).

A candidate for the M.Ch., who has not been admitted toFellowship of one of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons, will not be permitted to present the thesis until s/he has been admitted. The Dean of GraduateStudies may grant exemption from this requirement in special cases, e.g.those involving obstetricians or individuals whose higher professionaltraining has been obtained outside Ireland or Britain.

In the special case of a distinguished graduate of the University of Dublin who wishes to submit a thesis for the degree of M.Ch. which isbased solely on published work, which must relate to a single theme, the Dean of Graduate Studies may waive the requirement concerningadmission to the M.Ch. register (See this Section Paragraphs 5.43 and 5.46above) and hence the normal regulations regarding minimum time on the register before submitting a thesis would not apply.

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  • The awardMiscellaneous Award, Other MastersHow you will studyFull-timeHow long you will study3 years
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