Product Design (BSc (Hons))

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About Product Design at Sheffield Hallam University

Designers play a central role in shaping products, processes and services. In their work, product design engineers must take account of technical constraints, aesthetics and market considerations. This is a structured, classroom-based course with full access to our extensive computer-aided design suites and workshops. You design and prototype working products through * drawings * models * calculation * testing. And you learn to balance the needs of users and the cost of manufacture. Our industrial partners provide real life projects for the course. They include companies designing * tools * lighting * aircraft engines * sport equipment such as badminton posts * equipment for medical care such as wheelchairs. We draw on a wide knowledge base including * design * mechanical engineering * information technology * mechatronics * manufacture and materials * computer-aided design and manufacture (CAD/CAM) * rapid prototyping. This broad course covers the supporting technological subjects for product design, but also includes * workshops * business * innovation * sustainability skills. We recommend you take a paid work placement in year three. A typical salary is £12,000. This year helps your personal development and allows you to apply your studies to the work environment. You also gain new skills, which make you more valuable to employers. This year can sometimes lead to the offer of a permanent job after you graduate. Mature students with relevant work experience, and international students, normally take the three year route. Special facilitiesYour final year project includes producing computer models and working prototypes for the degree show using our extensive IT and engineering studio facilities. Our computer suites run industry standard CAD software such as Solidworks and ProEngineer.

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