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Selecting the right ingredients, matching flavors, and breathing in delicious scents from the kitchen immediately awakens a sense of overwhelming excitement. The culinary profession provides immense inspiration for all of those who are willing to devote their love and imagination to food.

In order for Culinary Institute Kul IN to keep its prestigious position in educating modern day cooks and pastry professionals. We are constantly updating our programs with new classes, lecturers, guest chefs, professionally led field trips, as well as internship opportunities in Croatia.

Within culinary practicums students will learn about thermal and mechanical food processing, recognizing quality of ingredients, coupling seasoning - with ingredients, creating quaity restaurant menus, arranging and serving dishes, professional cooking and pastry standards, food storage, food portions and history of gastronomy.

As we expect from our students to be successfull professionals and entrepreneurs we decide it to offer through our culinary education an insight into business planning, entrepreneural basics, product and service development, strategic management, as well as marketing communication with the targeted group of clients, within the program Restaurant management.

Kul IN students will also have the opportunity to take a short sommelier course about the basics of wine making, wine evaluation skills, serving, tasting and food pairing. This new class Wines, which is implemented in all of our programs, will be taught by Lovro Miklaužić, a successful winemaker and oenologist. In addition to his longtime experience in wine production in Moslavina region and collaboration on research programs studying clonal selection of indigenous varieties of Škrlet, Miklaužić reached out farther and gathered work experience in FeraVino (Feričanci, Croatia) and Opolo Vineyards (Paso Robles, California) Lovro will surprise your senses and open up your mind to a completely new field of better understanding the role of wine in gastronomy and the rich tradition of wine production. Within the program students will visit some of the best Croatian wineries, talk to the producers and try local wines.

Students wil have the opportunity to enroll in the following summer programs:

Professional Pastry and Confections

Catering and Buffet

Culinary Arts

Kul IN organizes open days for all interested participants. If you would like to arrange a tour of the school or speak with the director and instructors, you just need to contact us.

Explore culinary beauties of Croatia with Culinary Institute Kul IN.


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