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Mathematical Engineering, MSc

KU Leuven, Belgium

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About Mathematical Engineering, MSc - at KU Leuven

Without mathematical tools, there would be no internet search engines, no weather forecast, no security in banking. Mathematical models and techniques play an important role in automatic pilot technologies, the analysis of complex data, the design of quieter cars, the optimisation of wind farms and medical scanners. In the contemporary world, mathematics is a critical component of many applications because of the increasing levels of complexity and higher demands from customers and socio-economic conditions.

What's the programme all about? 

Just how does an auto-pilot work? How do you determine the value of financial products such as options? How can one find abnormalities in brain images caused by epileptic seizures? Mathematical techniques have proven crucial for the efficient treatment of the underpinning data that answers these questions, providing fast and accurate simulation and optimisation. The Master in Mathematical Engineering will equip you to with the fundamental expertise necessary to handle, optimise and control data for the application of solutions to contemporary problems.

The emphasis is not on abstract mathematical theory, but on the application, the design, analysis, implementation and use of mathematical models and algorithms in order to solve mathematical problems from industry.

Programme outline

The programme’s primary component is the core technical education, covering a variety of advanced topics in mathematics, process control, system identification, numerical optimisation, numerical simulation of differential equations, scientific software, cryptography, and project-based learning, where students solve a problem that requires a combination of the knowledge and skills taught during the core education.

Secondarily, the students choose from a suite of elective courses to complement the core education. Selecting courses from multiple tracks provide a broad overview of the mathematical techniques and applications in engineering science. The elective courses include technical courses on mathematical approaches, as well as courses that are taught on other master’s programmes that focus on modelling and the application of these mathematical techniques.


  • A broad range of elective courses allows the freedom to develop an individual study programme that’s tuned to your interest.
  • The master is supported by high-quality research that has led to several spin-off companies, fulfilling a variety of applications in the real world.
  • The programme is organised by the Departments Of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering and students can use the computer infrastructure of both departments.
  • Students will become familiar with different fields of research which broadens their outlook and skill set.


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