About HFU Business School

HFU Business School is part of Furtwangen University, a university in Southern Germany. It offers undergraduate, postgraduate and MBA courses - most of them taught in English.

In the International Student Barometer 2011, HFU was ranked number one among all German universities. This ranking is arrived at considering outstanding individual marks for "learning", "quality of lectures", "life", "support", "work experience" and "preparation for entry to the job market" which the HFU received: here, too, in each case, HFU was awarded first place amongst German universities. The survey was conducted amongst 210.000 students at 208 universities in 16 countries; 34 German universities participated. The "International Student Barometer" is the largest survey of mobile students and doctorate candidates in the world.

HFU Business School has excellent links with industry and with partner universities worldwide. Furtwangen University is home to a student community of 5,000, of which 800 are studying at HFU Business School.

Learning environment at the Schwenningen Campus of HFU Business School comprises an excellent library, rated number one amongst German university libraries and enjoying an outstanding number of online resources. Class rooms and offices are set in a 2011-finished building.

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