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DeVry University puts technology at its core, because technology is central to modern business. We teach how technology integrates people, process, data, and devices to solve modern problems. Technology, which is the essence of our history, is the direction for our future – and yours.

DeVry University’s history is defined by innovation. Our founder was Dr. Herman DeVry. In 1931, he used the portable projector he’d invented to take film out of the theater and into the classroom. Herman believed that visual learning would advance education – and change the world. DeVry still stands for innovation, preparing students to leverage technology to solve business problems of the future.

At DeVry University, we focus on experiential learning. It’s active learning that is rooted in real business and technological challenges, engaging students in activities that help transform their perspectives. Experiential learning is immersive. It goes beyond the textbook and traditional classroom models. It’s the kind of thinking that powers innovation and new ideas.

Courses at DeVry University

There are 78 courses listed from DeVry University. These are displayed below in alphabetical order:

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