Bachelor of Commerce (Logistics and Supply Chain Management) (BCom)


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How long you will study
2 years

Domestic course fees
SGD 18144 per year

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Course starts
February, July, November

International course fees
SGD 25920 per year

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About Bachelor of Commerce (Logistics and Supply Chain Management) at Curtin Singapore

Have you ever wondered how companies transport products to other places? Logistics and supply chain professionals are working behind the scenes to ensure a smooth and constant workflow. They manage the supply of goods and services from the point of origin (supplier) to its final destination (customer) in the fastest, safest and cheapest way possible.

This major will equip you to oversee critical aspects of the supply chain and prepare you for employment in a variety of administrative or managerial roles in organisations operating in transport, purchasing, supply chain management, contract distribution, manufacturing, retailing, oil, gas and resources.

Study options for this course

  • The award How you will study How long you will study Course starts Domestic course fees International course fees
  • The awardBComHow you will studyFull-timeHow long you will study2 years
    Course startsFebruary, July, NovemberDomestic course feesSGD 18144 per yearInternational course feesSGD 25920 per year

Entry requirements

Year 12, GCE A Level, SAT, IB Diploma or equivalent

What students think about Curtin Singapore

    Dikshita Suresh Chand Nahar, Master of International Business

    Testimonial from Dikshita Suresh Chand Nahar, Master of International Business, student at Curtin Singapore

    The one year Masters in International Business at Curtin Singapore had been a rewarding learning experience both personally and academically. The modules are interesting and makes one think beyond the usual, resulting in greater learning and discovery within the field chosen. Business is an integral part of the world today and studying it from the doctorates in the field is nothing but marvelous.

    Singapore, the little red dot and the global city is a hub of diverse culture, heritage and people. It is a pit stop for networking with people from all over the world. Studying in Singapore and Curtin has helped me network with people from South East Asian countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia etc. and also from varied western countries.

    Studying at Curtin has been quite an enriching experience as it pulled me out of my comfort zone and the teaching techniques are very different from home. It is more practical and up to date with the industry. The support from the professors, student central, administrative team has been phenomenal from the pre departure, the study period including the post departure It did open my eyes to very minute details of the business world. I made great friends here at Curtin along with some amazing experiences that would live by forever. The study period has made me more confident, independent and culturally more aware and open. Curtin University indeed is not just an institution but also an experience.

    Erika Paramitha Atmadjaja, Diploma of Commerce and Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance)

    Testimonial from Erika Paramitha Atmadjaja, Diploma of Commerce and Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance), student at Curtin Singapore

    Where are you working now and briefly describe your current role

    I am currently working at Ernst & Young (EY) Indonesia in Assurance division, as an auditor. My role is to give companies, investors, the public and regulators confidence in their financial statements by performing audit procedures for some significant accounts to make sure they are reasonable.

    Why did you choose to study at Curtin?

    What I like the most is Curtin offered me to complete my degree in a shorter period of time compared to other universities, as it operates on a trimester system. Therefore, I was able to finish my study in 2 years. In addition, by studying in Curtin Singapore, I could live near my home country, Indonesia, so I did not have to travel too far and yet I could meet people from different countries and backgrounds.

    How has studying at Curtin helped you in your career?

    Throughout this early stage of my career, Curtin has prepared me to face the real world challenge by giving me practical assignments to be done individually and in team. As working in team is really important for my current job, I can communicate and work well with my team mates from different backgrounds. I also learned to listen, understand and respect other people.

    In your opinion, what is the one quality graduates starting their career must have?

    In my opinion, being open-minded is one quality graduates must have. We have to be open-minded about new ideas, cultures and behaviour as we will be faced with a wide range of diversity of people. Employers know that graduates with open-mindedness are willing to receive new information and will lead them to have the urge to keep learning something new and accept changes.

    Would you recommend Curtin to your friends and colleagues? Have you recommended anyone?

    Yes, I would definitely recommend Curtin to my friends, and I have recommended my friends. With the fast track 2-year bachelor program, small-size classes, its offer to transfer to Curtin University Perth, and many more, my friends would love to continue their study at Curtin Singapore.

    Supassorn & Panuwat Hengthaveephokasub, Graduate of Diploma of Commerce, Bachelor of Commerce (International Business)

    Testimonial from Supassorn & Panuwat Hengthaveephokasub, Graduate of Diploma of Commerce, Bachelor of Commerce (International Business), student at Curtin Singapore

    Supassorn Hengthaveephokasub (Sister)

    I had great experience at Curtin Singapore and made many wonderful friendships. The students, lecturers and all academic staff at Curtin Singapore were very friendly.

    Panuwat Hengthaveephokasub (Brother)

    I’ve met many helpful lecturers and campus staff at Curtin Singapore. I’ve made a lot of self-improvement from the beginning till the end of my studies and I’ve gain a lot more experience. I really enjoyed my time at Curtin Singapore as my friends were all very friendly and helpful too.

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