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About College of the Rockies

College of the Rockies is a public college located in the Rocky Mountain resort region of southern British Columbia, Canada. We offer certificates, diplomas, bachelors’ degrees and post-degree diplomas.

On the International Student Barometer survey, the largest annual survey of international students in the world, College of the Rockies consistently ranks in the top five in the World for overall average.

The College is in the centre of a world-famous outdoor recreation and vacation environment offering incredible scenery and unique outdoor activities year round.

College of the Rockies’ main campus is in the city of Cranbrook BC, an affordable and friendly small city with a strong economy and a great relaxed lifestyle. Cranbrook’s airport (YXC) has daily direct flights from Vancouver (80 minutes) and Calgary (40 minutes).

Over 3000 Canadian students and 400 international students from 40 different countries attend College of the Rockies. With an average class size of only 25 students, our instructors know each student by name.

With an annual total cost of under CAD$22,000 (including accommodation and school costs), College of the Rockies offers outstanding educational value with some of the most affordable tuition fees in Canada.

Founded in 1975 with recent major expansions, our Cranbrook Campus is beautiful, comfortable and advanced. On-campus recreation includes a gymnasium, outdoor track and field, fitness room and forest trails right beside the campus. A cafeteria, bookstore, library, and wireless internet are also available on campus.

Courses at College of the Rockies

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