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Top Universities In Finland

Top Universities In Finland

With its gorgeous natural attractions, world-class cities and reputation in providing quality higher education, Finland attracts many individuals seeking university studies abroad. In the QS World University Rankings for 2015/16, nine universities from Finland made the cut, and this presence in a global ranking of the best institutions only adds to the reasons why international students should consider Finnish universities. Learn more about the top universities in Finland in our list below:

University of Helsinki
QS World University Ranking: #96

The country’s oldest and largest university is situated in the capital, Helsinki. The University of Helsinki was founded in 1640 and is known today as an institution that consistently ranks among the best of the best. With over 10,000 publications produced yearly (and with 85% in English), the University makes marks in different fields and studies. It also has a prominent international presence with its 2,000-strong international student population and several partnerships with foreign institutions.

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University of Tampere
QS World University Ranking: #441-450

Established in 1925 as a Civic college in Helsinki, the University of Tampere has come a long way, literally and figuratively. It now sits in Finland’s third largest city, Tampere, and offers a number of courses and degrees in social sciences and administrative sciences. The University’s research focuses on society, health and welfare, making it an ideal choice for those seeking education in multidisciplinary fields. Its educational community is made up of around 15,500 students, with approximately 1,200 of them considered as international students.

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Åbo Akademi University
QS World University Ranking: #441-450

Åbo Akademi University’s leading research in the biosciences, material sciences and chemistry propels it as one of the country’s leading institutions. Like the University of Tampere, it hosts over a thousand international students. It has study programmes in the arts, psychology and theology, education and welfare, social sciences, business and economics and science and engineering. The University offers courses primarily in Swedish, although it does offer nine international Master’s programmes in English. Aside from the mark it has made in education, Åbo Akademi University attracts students because of the locations of its campuses in Åbo, Vasa and Jakobstad.

University of Oulu
QS World University Ranking: #358

With over 70 different fields of study and 46 training programmes available, the University of Oulu offers a multidisciplinary approach to education. It also cements itself as an institution that is committed to an international environment with over a thousand foreign students, teachers and researchers present in the university. Aside from the University Rankings, the University of Oulu is also ranked highly in the QS World University Rankings by Subject at #47 for Dentistry and Rankings by Faculty at #307 for Life Sciences and Medicine. Situated in Oulu, a northern spot that considers itself to be a student city, the University provides a unique experience for students.

Tampere University of Technology
QS World University Ranking: #356

Natural sciences and engineering are at the front and center of Tampere University of Technology. With significant research in these fields as well as putting technology in the forefront, the University also places in the top rankings by subject and by faculty for electrical engineering. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that with its presence in these rankings, it attracts many students and researchers, including an international population (students and employees) of around 1,500.

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University of Eastern Finland
QS World University Ranking: #347

Interdisciplinary research is what the University of Eastern Finland focuses on with their commitment to solve multiple global challenges: ageing, lifestyles and health, learning in a digitized society, cultural encounters, mobilities and borders and environmental change and sufficiency of natural resources. Among its many achievements, it is also ranked within the top 100 universities for Agriculture and Forestry. It has 15,000 students across its three campuses in Joensuu, Kuopio and Savonlinna.

University of Jyväskylä
QS World University Ranking: #319

Having been around since 1863, the second largest university in Finland has cemented itself as a top institution in education and humanities. The University of Jyväskylä is located in the heart of the city and is quite popular among international students (of which they have around 500) because of its international master’s degree programmes, summer and winter schools. One of the country’s most famous architect and designer, Alvar Aalto, is from Jyväskylä and designed a number of buildings on campus.

University of Turku
QS World University Ranking: #233

Securing a place in the top 200 universities for education and training is the University of Turku, which is also known for its faculty of medicine. Its population of foreign degree students comes just under 900, and it proves itself to be a truly international institution with students, teachers and researchers coming from 95 different countries. The University is also known for giving attention and focus on research and development projects specifically in the Baltic Sea Region.

Aalto University
QS World University Ranking: #139

Comprised of what used to be the Helsinki University of Technology, the Helsinki School of economics and the University of Art and Design Helsinki, Aalto University was established in 2010. The University focuses greatly on multidisciplinary learning, having resulted from a merger of the three institutions. It currently ranks 14th in the rankings by subject for Art and Design, while its faculty is ranked 133th for Engineering and Technology. Among its approximately 20,000 students, around 13% are international students. Alvar Aalto, the well-known architect mentioned earlier in this article is an alumnus of Helsinki University of Technology, and is the inspiration for the name of the merged institution.

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