Roffey Park Institute (UK) leads the way in Organisational Development.

By Roffey Park Institute

Roffey Park Institute is an international executive education organisation with headquarters in Horsham, West Sussex. An authority in leadership, management, organisational and HR development, with 75 years of experience.

We develop leaders able to challenge the status quo and inspire change to deliver organisational growth. We do this through open courses and qualifications, tailored development, and consultancy solutions for organisations.

We are a leading international centre of excellence for Organisational Development. We provide a full range of OD courses from OD Essentials up to our world-renowned Master’s (MSc) in People and Organisational Development which has been running for 30 years and is accredited by University of Sussex.

Here are 3 important attributes that make Roffey Park Institute hard to beat:

Unique Roffey Park Learning Approach  

We use a dialogic approach (conversation and discussion) in addition to peer-to-peer learning, as a path to develop ideas and understanding. Students have the freedom to pursue a subject of interest and look at it in new ways, with input and insight from highly skilled, experienced tutors and peers, to arrive at new and useful conclusions.

We fully embrace distance learning, with participants from around the world. All our learners have easy access to the best information resources.

Roffey Park Expertise & Networks

We have our own network of expert, experienced tutors. Also the course structure enables learners to expand their own valuable network with like-minded, experienced peers. For many people this means making highly beneficial long-term contacts.

Positive Impact on People & Organisations

The course can have a positive impact on people in many ways. Such as: creating unique and practical solutions through research, providing skills and confidence, and widening career prospects. All can have highly positive personal impact.

Organisations can benefit from the skills and insight from critical thinking feeding back into the fold. That may create unique, practical solutions forged by the Master’s process which can be highly valuable.

Case Study

MSc in People & Organisational Development student: Lily Cubrilo.

The most interesting thing has to be the people that I have met, their experiences and connections to other workplaces and their different skill sets and ways of thinking. The way the MSc has asked us to systematically look at what underpins OD, how OD was founded and its intention, has helped to connect me to the body of work. Also, how the people have helped pave the OD path – I’ve loved that aspect.

I have also loved the dialogic aspect of the learning process. It is the support aspect of the dialogic process that has helped me successfully overcome some challenges that I have faced.

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