Why I chose Windesheim University of Applied Sciences

By Windesheim University of Applied Sciences

Chloë, 3rd year student in Global Project and Change Management, explains why she chose Windesheim, in the Netherlands

Windesheim offers:

Application deadline: 1 June (non EU students), 15 June (EU students)

When I tell people about my study, they first look confused, followed by a massive enthusiasm. A question that they often ask me is: why did you choose this study? Well, because it’s cool. But of course this isn’t a proper answer to a question like this. Originally I wanted to study in New York. I had chosen the university and I had all the plans laid out. I had just turned 16 and I was ready to leave. If the New York plan were to fail, London would be my backup. But my parents persuaded me to take a look at the Windesheim open day.

The Revised Plan

My mom had studied Commercial Economics there and thought it might be something for me. I attended the open day and went to the information session. It was everything I didn’t want to do. My dad was slightly bummed out, and to be honest, so was I. Then we past the Windesheim Honours College building. My dad persuaded me to take a look at it, and the minute I entered the building, I was sold. All my plans for New York just fell to the background and this became my focus.


I had always wanted to study business in an international setting. What really caught me is that the curriculum includes both the business skills, soft skills and the social aspects, which was perfect for me. The people that I had spoken to at the open day had told me great stories and the presentations had my full attention. I was incredibly curious of the opportunities that Windesheim could offer me, and I was amazed by the freedom you have to develop and creative aspect of the study.

And Then?

When I applied I had to go through a selection process. My feelings were re-affirmed when I met some of the people that would be my future class-mates during the interview day. Before I knew it, I had graduated from high school and I had been accepted. When I got my acceptance letter I was over the moon. Now I’m almost 3 years into my study and I’ve done and learnt so many valuable things. I believe I have also made many friends for life. And man, there are many more exciting things to come.

Why Zwolle?

In the heart of the Netherlands you find the city of Zwolle. Of course, as a prospective student, you might be wondering why this place is the place to come and study! In this blogpost I will explain what I like about Zwolle, and what makes it unique.

  1. The atmosphere is ‘gezellig’. Zwolle is not only alive at night, but also during the day people are sitting on terraces and wandering through the city. There are a lot of parks where you can chill when the sun is out, but there are also nice pubs where you can meet your friends for some beers. In every corner of Zwolle there is something charming to be found!
  2. It’s easy to get around. From home, to the city, to university: Everything is biking or walking distance. In the Netherlands it’s really normal to bike, so there are also bicycle lanes everywhere.
  3. Students everywhere. Around 30,000 students study in Zwolle, thus the city is also very much catered towards us. There are student nights, debate evenings, lectures, movie nights, etc. These events create the opportunity to network and meet people from different studies. It’s the perfect way to make new friends!
  4. It’s a well-connected city. Zwolle has a large train station that connects to the rest of the Netherlands, within an hour you find yourself in Amsterdam or Groningen. By public transport you can reach all corners of the country, and even easily pass the border into Germany.

Zwolle is definitely worth exploring, you should give it a go!

A week at Windesheim: Project Pitches and Deadline Drama

May is said to be the month of deadlines, and boy are the rumours true. This week has been incredibly hectic. There has been many deadlines that I’ve been working hard on, together with my team. In this post, I hope to give you a little insight into my week.

On Monday, we started off by pitching our business ideas for Global Business Strategy. During this course, we had to come up with a social business idea that would help solve one of the sustainability goals. After multiple coffee-filled brainstorming sessions, we came to the idea of making sustainably made sunglasses that give back. The weeks passed, and our idea became more refined and realistic. We developed a business model and wrote out a plan. Monday was the big day, we had prepared a presentation that would have to impress the expert panel and my 40 classmates. I was incredibly nervous, but we ended up being in one of the top 3 projects! After this, I cycled back to school to give my weekly tutoring session for the first years in Accounting & Finance, a course that some struggle with. This was their last session, and I hope that all of them pass! Fingers crossed!

Tuesday was deadline day for Social Marketing. I met my team at a coffee place in town at 10:00, where we worked hard on delivering our marketing plan. We sat for multiple hours rewriting parts, adding parts and drinking a heap of coffee whilst keeping to the work limit. What a challenge.

Eventually, we managed to stick to the word limit and handed in our plan way before the deadline. In the evening, I dropped by a first year’s place who was celebrating her birthday, which was a nice way to end the day.

Now it’s Wednesday. As we speak I’m sitting in another coffee place in town, with my team. We are working on another deadline. Stress has never been my strong suit, but my team mates know how to get me through the meetings without me losing my mind. Thanks guys.

Questions? Honourscollege@windesheim.nl or chloe.zuijdwijk@windesheim.nl

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