Why should you choose an International Master’s degree at the University of Helsinki?

By University of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki

Source: Eetu Ahanen, Visit Helsinki

Have you ever wanted to study at the heart of a major European city? Visiting vibrant cafes and experiencing a new cultural event every chance you get, or do you dream of studying close to nature and take walks in snowy pine forests and fields of golden barley? Not many cities or Universities can promise even one of these, little lone both.

Finland is famous for its high standard education, stable society and high levels of happiness and trust amongst the population. Helsinki is both the capital of Finland and the largest city, and boasts a rich cultural heritage and history and is truly an international city. The historical University of Helsinki, founded in 1640, is the highest-ranking Finnish university and amongst the top 1% of the best universities in the world with over 35 000 students and 4000 researchers and teaching staff. International students have ranked the University of Helsinki as one of the best places to achieve higher education. Research is at the heart of the University of Helsinki and combined with problem-based learning the students of the university will become the next generation of global problem solvers with issues such as globalization, global warming and medical research being some of the fields that the University of Helsinki allows its students to specialize in.

The University of Helsinki is a high-ranking multidisciplinary university, which offers extensive English language masters programmes ranging from natural sciences to humanities. The University of Helsinki excels as a research university with high standards of teaching and problem based learning. The master’s degree from the University of Helsinki gives you the expertise and skills to create the solutions of tomorrow. Our master’s alumni have excellent employment levels, as well as prospects for international careers.

Source: Lauri Rotko, Visit Helsinki

Source: Lauri Rotko, Visit Helsinki

What degrees are there?

The international master’s programmes offered by the University of Helsinki are top of the line programmes that tackle the most pressing issues facing our world.  The masters programme in Atmospheric sciences which focuses on researching climate change and extreme weather conditions, the masters programme in Translational Medicine aims to facilitate new therapies and medical procedures and the Master’s Programme in Urban studies and planning prepares students for the development of the cities of tomorrow.


What is it like to live in Helsinki?

Life can’t be all work and no play, right? Helsinki offers a very wide range of activities. There’s something for everyone. For music lovers the small clubs offer live music almost every night and in the summer Finland is full of big and small festivals. By the way, did you know that Europe’s second oldest rock festival Ruisrock is held in Finland!

Finland is known for its unique design and art that takes influence from the nature. The city is full of art museums and small galleries, so you can feast your eyes in some Finnish art.

In the last couple of years, the food culture has experienced a total transformation. Helsinki is now filled with all kinds of different restaurant and the food culture, like the whole culture in itself, has become very multicultural. If you want to take an intense journey through the food culture, visit the four-day culinary festival Taste of Helsinki in the summer.

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