Best study abroad programs in Italy. What about fashion management?

By Milano Fashion Institute

Hello! We will try to explain how to recognize a valid course of study that can give you a great future, from one that could give you less satisfying job prospects.

When we ask ourselves that damn question “what do I want to do when I become an adult?” we always fall into a space/time where we never find the answer.

Have you ever thought of giving yourself an answer by evaluating the options that the best Institutes offer you?

The study path you choose must be recognized internationally (it would make no sense for a course done abroad to be valid only in the country where the certificate is issued …). It must have an accreditation given by the Ministry of Education, University, Research, because this represents a guarantee: it means that everything that will be done within the master, therefore the planning, teaching, scientific direction, and employment opportunities that will make your career to follow, have been carefully planned.

Who? That? Thing?

It is valuable for the Institute to be transparent: have you checked their website? Do they have a page dedicated to Faculty? Communicating the teaching staff is important because, often, schools that do not communicate who the teachers are or their backgrounds can turn out to be unreliable.

You must know that, when you choose an educational path, you first choose a “teaching staff” and it is essential to have access to this information for a personal evaluation and to make a comparison with another institution.

Milano Fashion Institute

What will I do once I cross the door of the institute?

Before registering, we recommend you ask for information regarding the curriculum: how was it built, how will it take place and what values will it bring to your course of study.

An excellent learning method is a balance between university professors, who are the only ones able to give a method of study and give value, and successful professionals from the sector, such as corporate CEOs and sector managers.

Unfortunately, masters characterized by “unbalanced” programs, therefore only academic or only with external managers, are not able to provide a complete view of the methodologies, processes, and sectoral framework in which you could start your career after the master.

I would like to work in that company too! How can I get in there?

Regarding your future, we recommend that you inquire about the placement rate of the institution you are going to choose. This indicates in a frank and sincere way the real involvement of companies in the sector. It must be clear, communicated and above all it must be a high percentage: this indicates how many students initiated working after the master.

Often the placement rate is directly proportional to the number of partners that the Institute boasts. So, check this too, because it is useless to choose a school if it does not have connections to go and work in your dream company.

Who will my classmates be?

It is nice to create a comfortable and inclusive environment within the master. It is important to give each student the opportunity to deal with multiple realities, both foreign and local. All the most important international training courses communicate the so-called “class profile”, in order to inform the student about the learning environment in which they will find themselves. In fact, the composition of the classroom shows the school’s design skills and the ability to operate a balanced work in favor of an optimal experience. Look carefully: it is better to have a classroom with different educational backgrounds, as well as of geographical origin, to ensure an international environment and ability to work by providing different skills in favor of the educational experience.

Did you need this information? You need anything else? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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