Applying concepts from the classroom to the podcast world

By Faculty of Educational Sciences

A group of master students in Higher Education Studies at the University of Oslo have put to use the concepts and topics discussed in the classroom by creating their own podcast.

The podcast was officially launched in November 2022, and it is called THESIS: Trends in Higher Education Systems in International Spheres.  

Kelly Davis is a 2nd year student in the Master in Education-Higher Education Studies program and the executive producer and host of the podcast.

She saw a need for a podcast that could integrate concepts learned in the classroom while filling a void in the market.  A seed was planted during her first semester of the study program and she decided to discuss the idea with her classmates, which resulted in a team of five international students who took steps to make the idea a reality. 

Making the podcast is education in practice 

The students rely on the skills and competencies they have gained in the classroom when deciding on the topics and formats for the episodes. The students themselves are hosts in the podcast studio.

“The concepts we have learned in the study program have provided a solid foundation for researching episode topics and having a general framework for understanding the many facets of higher education. With this background, we aim to translate academic terminology and theory into dialogue with our guests in a more accessible format.”
Ayla Rubenstein – podcast content researcher

The students are happy to see the receptiveness of the scholars, administrators and practitioners they have connected with:

“I have been pleasantly surprised by the scholars’ willingness to talk to us and share their research”
Tracy Waldman – the podcast’s communications lead

Innovation and Higher Education

The Master in Education-Higher Education Studies program offers a highly interactive and supportive learning environment that fosters creativity and innovation.  Students have the unique opportunity to study in an international environment, learn from each other’s experience, and go beyond the textbooks.

Read more about the program here.

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