Masters in Architecture in Liechtenstein

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    A combination of art and science, architecture is the process of planning, designing and fabricating large structures and buildings, whilst also considering functionality, durability and aesthetics through the use of different materials, technology and elements of design.

    When a new building is designed and constructed, the architect plays a very important role in the process. With the worldwide population being at an all time high, architectural practice, as well as the construction industry, needs to keep with the modern built environment requirements.

    A postgraduate degree in architecture will allow you to build on the knowledge gained at undergraduate level. The modules you study will cover the more complex and specialist areas of architecture. These modules could include sustainable architecture, material science, advanced praxis, and urban design.

    Your degree will be delivered through lectures and seminars. Many architecture schools emphasise practical experience, and the application of your skills and knowledge. This means that you may have the chance to take part in a work placement, or attend masterclasses with industry experts.

  • Find out more about studying architecture

    Liechtenstein has a reputation for a high standard of living, and is home to many famous financial institutions. Despite being one of the worlds smallest countries, Liechtenstein packs a punch when it comes to higher education. There are 4 universities in Liechtenstein, and they all offer courses in the English language, and follow the Bologna Process. Liechtenstein's location in Central Europe makes it a great study abroad destination for international students who want to study and explore this area of the world.

Masters in Architecture in Liechtenstein in 2023

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