Molecular Microbiology Degrees

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    Molecular Microbiology Degrees

    Molecular microbiology involves learning and understanding molecular processes of cells and how they interact with organisms. Microbiology is concerned with bacteria, fungi and viruses. A degree in molecular microbiology will allow students to study topics including molecular genetics, cellular physiology and infectious diseases.

    A molecular microbiology degree can be studied at both undergraduate and postgraduate study level. During an undergraduate level degree, students will be taught a range of subjects that will help them to understand molecular microbiology. These courses normally take two to four years of full time study to complete and course modules are usually completed via coursework, laboratory research and a written thesis.

    A postgraduate degree in molecular microbiology is ideal for those who have a comprehensive understanding of the subject and wish to expand on their knowledge. This may include knowledge on immunisation, as well as further study on microbiology and micro-organisms. A postgraduate degree can be completed in twelve months of full time study.

Molecular Microbiology degrees in 2023

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