Interdisciplinary Studies Degrees in Japan

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    Interdisciplinary Studies is generally a programme that will allow students to combine two or more separate disciplines into one degree. Doing this can mean that you gain a degree level knowledge about each of your chosen disciplines, and it can also mean that you are able to experience a more holistic curriculum. This combination can be an excellent way of preparing you for a specific career path, or mean that you are ready to study for a postgraduate degree.

    Some universities offer an Interdisciplinary Studies degree as a general programme that covers predetermined disciplines, this is sometimes also called Liberal Arts or Joint/Combined Honours. Other universities offer an Interdisciplinary Studies degree in a specific set of disciplines, or allow students to pick from a set of disciplines to create their own degree. Some examples of Interdisciplinary Studies degrees are:

    • Interdisciplinary Arts
    • Interdisciplinary Problems & Methods
    • Combined Honours in Social Sciences
    • Natural Sciences
  • Find out more about studying Interdisciplinary Studies

    With a fast-paced economy and an advanced social system, Japan has a young and streamlined higher education system. This means that you will be getting a modern and relevant university education, ensuring that you are ready for your chosen career in the 21st Century workforce. There are routinely more than 15 of Japan's universities included in the top 500 of the QS World University rankings, most of which offer courses in the English language. As well as taking advantage of the universities, international students can also experience the wonderful countryside and uber-modern cities that Japan has to offer.

Interdisciplinary Studies degrees in Japan in 2023

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