Computational Science (Master Degree)

the Netherlands

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The award
Master Degree

How long you will study
2 Years

Domestic course fees
EUR 1084 per year

How you will study

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International course fees
EUR 14026 per year

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About Computational Science at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Using scientific computing to predict outcomes and solve real-world problems

Computational Science seeks to explain the complex world we live in using technological simulations. By collecting data and creating computer models, computational scientists can make predictions that help to solve a variety of problems. For example:

  • predicting the path of a tornado
  • analysing the behaviour of financial markets
  • simulating the outcome of a surgical procedure before it's used on a patient
  • improving the flow of traffic
  • determining how an epidemic will most likely spread

In this programme, a joint degree between VU Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam (UvA), you will learn to apply algorithmic-driven procedures (step-by-step procedures for solving a problem in a limited number of steps) as well as mathematics and logic. You will also learn to apply the knowledge and skills you develop to different research areas in the natural sciences.

Study options for this course

  • The award How you will study How long you will study Course starts Domestic course fees International course fees
  • The awardMaster DegreeHow you will studyFull-timeHow long you will study2 years
    Course startsSeptemberDomestic course feesEUR 1084 per yearInternational course feesEUR 14026 per year

Entry requirements

All students holding an academic Bachelor degree in one of the Sciences or Engineering disciplines may apply for the Master's.

Candidates for the programme should demonstrate sufficient knowledge in mathematics and computing skills and meet with the following requirements before they will be admitted to the programme: basic programming (any language), basic math knowledge in calculus and basic knowledge in probability theory and statistics.

We will also consider students that (slightly) deviate from the requirements as formulated above. We emphasize motivation in all such admissions and require a statement on motivation as a part of the admissions procedure.

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