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4 Semester

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EUR 4000 per semester

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EUR 4000 per semester

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About Business Administration at University of Pécs

The International PhD Programme is aimed at professionals in business or public administration with several years of experience in their field, but not necessarily in research or education. The programme combines the advantages of contact-based and distance-based education, drawing on the contribution of recognized national and international experts. In its design, the programme combines two major international traditions in doctoral education such as the American tradition (where several years of formal education is needed to get the PhD) and the European tradition (with a usually limited number of classes and a strong emphasis on independent dissertation research).

Programme Structure
The programme consists of two (preferably overlapping) parts:

  • the period of organized study (4 semesters) and
  • independent research phase

The study period provides the students with the opportunity to divide their studies into two parts: intensive study period spent at the Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE), UP and extensive home study. This approach combines the advantages of the contact-based and distance-based methods.
In each of the four semesters, students spend approximately 10 days on the premises of the FBE UP and follow lectures, attend seminars, have dissertation consultations with their dissertation advisors and may also do research in the Faculty Library.
Individual work is supported by the guidance of an experienced Faculty consultant (dissertation advisor). At the end of the sessions, students return home and continue their studies and research using the written study materials (books and scientific papers) provided or recommended by the instructors/dissertation advisor. Lecture materials are available on the Faculty and/or Programme Intranet that students can access from home.
Instructors of the various modules and dissertation advisors are available via electronic mail, should the students need advise or help during the home study period.
Should the students need advice or help during the home study period, instructors of the various modules and dissertation advisors are available via electronic mail. Evaluation is based on class papers (homework assignments or in-class exams) in each module; topics are designated by the individual instructors.


Graduation Requirements
In order to receive the PhD degree, students must accomplish the following: receive grades in all modules, pass the Doctoral Examination (Comprehensive Exam); have at least 30+ credits of publication that cover the area of dissertation research; prepare the PhD Dissertation; defend the PhD Dissertation.

Suggested research topics:

Study options for this course

  • The award How you will study How long you will study Course starts Domestic course fees International course fees
  • The awardPhDHow you will studyFull-timeHow long you will study4 semester
    Course startsSeptemberDomestic course feesEUR 4000 per semesterInternational course feesEUR 4000 per semester

Notes about fees for this course

  • Tuition Fees:

1st semester: €4,000,
2nd semester: €3,000,
3rd semester: €2,000,
4th semester - Doctoral examination: €500,
Doctoral procedure: €3,000

Entry requirements

In order to be considered for the programme, the Applicant must hold a master degree (MA or MSc in a relevant field or MBA). Prospective students who do not possess a master degree in Economics are required to complement their studies with a Master of Business Administration degree at an accredited institution.

Applicants who are still conducting their studies at the time of application must submit an official letter from their institution indicating the date of graduation. Students cannot enroll at the Programme until they have successfully completed their studies at the Master's level.

The applicant has to submit the following documents by uploading them to the online application portal of the University of Pécs:

  • Preliminary Research Proposal (2-3 pages long)*
  • Curriculum Vitae in English
  • Completed Application Form (available on the website)
  • Official Copies of (Degree) Certificates
  • Certified Translations in English
  • Transcript of Records in English
  • List of Publications (if any)
  • passport-size photographs.
  • Copy of the photo-page(s) of your passport
  • Medical certificate, Vaccination card and HIV test
  • Motivation letter,

Preliminary Research Proposal*

A 2-3 page written statement of the research design that includes an explanation of the purpose of the study and outlines the research methodology.
It should consist of the following parts:

  • The intended title of the dissertation
  • The aim of the underlying research as well as the clearly stated motivation for the research
  • Literature review, i.e. review of the state of the art in the literature
  • List of references


5​/A. § The Doctoral School applies the following admission procedure for foreign nationals applying for foreign language doctoral training programs:



(1) This admission procedure applies to all applicants who do not have Hungarian citizenship or Hungarian dual citizenship, regardless of whether they have applied for a scholarship program or a private placement at the Doctoral School.


(2) The applicant must be 18 years of age or older.


(3) Documents to be submitted with the application are:

  • a valid passport;
  • a MA/MSc certificate and a certified translation into English, which entitles the applicant to enter into a master’s program in the applicant’s home country;
  • an official transcript of results of the completed MA/MSc program and a certified English translation thereof;
  • a certificate of proficiency in English of no older than 2 years, on at least a CEFR level B2, obtained at an internationally recognized (accredited) language examination institution;
  • an official medical certificate in English stating that the applicant has received the required vaccines and is free of communicable diseases;
  • CV;
  • research plan;
  • list of publications (if the applicant has one), other certificates.

To apply, an electronic copy of the required documents must be submitted via the online interface designated by the Faculty, and their original copies must be submitted upon enrolment.


(4) The Doctoral School measures language skills and professional motivation of the applicant in an admission interview. The language of the interviews will be English.


(5) Admission interviews are scheduled and published on the Faculty's English-language web pages at least two weeks before the time of the interview.


(6) The head of the Doctoral School shall appoint the lecturer members of the Admission Committees (hereinafter referred to as "the Committee"). The Committee shall consist of two lecturer members and a secretary. The secretary may be a non-teaching/research staff member of the Faculty.


(7) Admission interviews are conducted in person and/or online. If the interview is conducted online, the Doctoral School needs to provide an interface for online chat, which is primarily the Skype availability provided by the Doctoral School. If the applicant is not able to use Skype in his or her country due to local laws, the interview will take place on an online interface chosen jointly by the Doctoral School and the applicant.


(8) Video recording of the online interview will be saved and archived for one year from the date of the interview.


(9) The secretary of the Committee shall draw up minutes of the interview, which shall be kept by the Doctoral School in accordance with the rules on records.


(10) Applications are ranked in a 100-point system according to the following criteria:

a) Learning outcomes: maximum 25 points

b) Research plan: maximum 60 points

c) Motivational interview: maximum 15 points

d) Extra points: maximum 23 points

Extra points may be awarded for relevant professional experience, CEFR level C1 language examination and publication in the field of studies. The total score, including extra points, cannot exceed 100 points.



(11) Minimum eligibility criteria for admissions  

a) obtains more than zero points for each of the four main criteria [(10) a), b), c)], and

b) the total score, of at least 40, without extra points.


(12) Recruitment decisions will be made by the head of the Doctoral School, taking into account the applicant's score (the ranking based on the points of applicants) and the capacity of the training program applied for.


What students think about University of Pécs

    Fatima Majid Malik (International Student Ambassador)

    Testimonial from Fatima Majid Malik (International Student Ambassador), student at University of Pécs

    University of Pecs is a diversity hub with a constant and quality influx of International students. It allows you to grow academically as well as in multiple other areas you need assistance in and equips you for a brighter future.

    Fatima Majid Malik /Pakistan/
    International Student Ambassador
    Psychology BA
    University of Pécs

    Mithil Barath Rajendran Venkatesh (International Student Ambassador)

    Testimonial from Mithil Barath Rajendran Venkatesh (International Student Ambassador), student at University of Pécs

    It's almost an year in Pécs now, this journey was not easy; but surely I have over come my fears and learnt from my mistakes.Studying abroad is the best decisions I have made and University of Pécs has offered me its best; making Pécs my second home!

    Mithil Barath Rajendran Venkatesh /India/
    International Student Ambassador
    Biology BSc
    University of Pécs

    Trang Pham Huong (International Student Ambassador)

    Testimonial from Trang Pham Huong (International Student Ambassador), student at University of Pécs

    More than just a degree, University of Pécs offers me a life changing opportunity. I was always questioning how can people starting a company at the age of 19 or 20, but now I'm one of them, founding a small business in Pécs, all thanks to the UP.

    Trang Pham Huong /Vietnam/
    International Student Ambassador
    Business Administration and Management BSc
    University of Pécs

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