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February, September

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About Middle Eastern Studies at University of Groningen

Islamic State, the refugees from Syria, Israel and Palestine, the Middle East is daily news. Are you interested and do you want to know more about this fascinating region?

Choose the Master Middle East Studies inGroningen! Read more aboutthe departmentof Middle Eastern Studies.

Middle Eastern Studies in Groningen emphasizes currentdevelopments in the Middle East. You will study four core themes:history, politics, culture and religion. There are threespecializations in the first semester: Conflict, InternationalOrganizations, and Research Seminar. The second semester is forinternship in the Middle East or for a tutorial. You conclude yourstudies with writing a Master's thesis.
What do we offer you? Prevailing views about recent conflicts in the Middle East with focus on Jihadism and the war in Syria.Understanding the role of the United Nations and the Arab League in the Middle East. Cultural approaches to the Middle East in film andliterature.
Our students are working in ministries and embassies, inbusinesses and NGOs, in the media and refugee organizations.

Islamitische Staat, vluchtelingen, Israël en Palestina: het Midden-Oosten is dagelijks in het nieuws. Volg je dat met veel interesse en wil jij alles weten over deze fascinerende regio?

Kies dan voor de Master Midden-Oostenstudies inGroningen. Lees hier meer over de afdelingMidden-Oosten Studies

Midden-Oostenstudies in Groningen legt nadruk op actueleontwikkelingen. Je bestudeert vier kernthema's: geschiedenis,politiek, cultuur en religie. In het eerste semester volgje drie kernvakken:Conflicten, Internationale Organisaties enOnderzoeksseminar. In het tweede semester kan je op stage in hetMidden-Oosten of volg je een tutorial. Ter afsluiting van de Masterschrijf je een Masterscriptie.

Wat bieden wij jou? Overzicht van de heersende opvattingen overrecente conflicten in het Midden-Oosten met focus op de oorlog inSyrië en het jihadisme. Inzicht in de rolvan wereldorganisaties zoals de Verenigde Naties en deArabische Liga in het Midden-Oosten. Culturele benadering van hetMidden-Oosten in film en literatuur.

Onze studenten zijn werkzaam op ministeries en inambassades, in bedrijfsleven en bij NGO's, in demedia en in vluchtelingenorganisaties.  


After your studies

Job prospects

Experts in the field of Middle Eastern Studies work for thegovernment or for companies at home or abroad. There are jobopportunities in teaching or in research, in Middle Easternjournalism and media, diplomatic services or in social andcommunity-related work. Other possibilities for a career could bein travel world and tourism, or in libraries and museums.

Midden-Oosten deskundigheid is nodig op vele terreinen. Eenloopbaan is mogelijk in de media, op ambassades en bij ministeries.Media en schrijvende pers bieden vaak banen op dit gebied.Bedrijven die in het Midden-Oosten actief zijn biedenaantrekkelijke posities. Momenteel zijn Midden-Oostendeskundigenzeer gevraagd bij de begeleiding van migranten. Wil je verder inhet wetenschappelijk onderzoek, dan kun je aan de slag bijuniversiteiten of instituten.

Job examples

  • Middle East expertise in the media
  • Academic researcher
  • Middle East correspondent and journalist
  • Diplomatic services and political functions
  • Tourist operator
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Study options for this course

  • The award How you will study How long you will study Course starts Domestic course fees International course fees
  • The awardMAHow you will studyFull-timeHow long you will study12 months
    Course startsFebruary, SeptemberDomestic course feesEUR 2060International course feesEUR 11500

Entry requirements

Bachelor-Master connections

Study programmeOrganizationTransition
Middle Eastern StudiesAll Research universitiesNo additional requirements
HistoryAll Research universitiesNo additional requirements
International Relations and International OrganizationAll Research universitiesNo additional requirements
All Research universitiesVia a pre-master

Admission requirements

Specific requirementsMore information
language test

Minimum language requirements of TOEFL iBT 90 (with a minimum of21 on all items), or IELTS 6.5 (with a minimum of 6 on all items).ERK level B2 (preferably C1).

Admission requirements

Specific requirementsMore information
language test

Minimum language requirements of TOEFL iBT 90 (with a minimum of21 on all items), or IELTS 6.5 (with a minimum of 6 on all items).ERK level B2 (preferably C1). Students who gained a bachelor's degree certificate from an English-taught degree programme, will automatically meet the language requirements.

other admission requirements

Studenten met een WO-Bachelordiploma in een voor deMasteropleiding relevante richting (b.v. Godsdienstwetenschappen,Politicologie, Sociologie, Antropologie, Rechtsgeleerdheid,Wijsbegeerte, Culturele Studies, Mediastudies) kunnen wordentoegelaten na uitdrukkelijke goedkeuring door deToelatingscommissie van de opleiding. De Toelatingscommissie zalbeoordelen of het programma en het niveau van de behaalde BAopleiding volstaan om te kunnen deelnemen aan de MasterMidden-Oosten Studies.

What students think about University of Groningen

    If I had to choose a Master's programme again, I would be on a flight to Groningen.

    Ana Quintana, Mexico, Strategic Innovation Management

    I gained a Bachelor's degree in Management & Marketing in Mexico City before I came to the Netherlands to undertake my Master's programme. During my Bachelor's studies, I spent a semester in Canada and I wanted to expand my international (study) experiences before starting work. I was keen to focus on innovation which is not usually offered in Mexico hence the combination of Innovation and Strategy in one programme directed me to Groningen.

    My Master's thesis dealt with Innovation in family businesses and I now benefit from the intense research modules offered during the programme. Now I am working as a Promotion Manager in charge of the several customer loyalty programs offered by one of Mexico's biggest hotel chains. Although the Master's program was rather theoretical, I feel that it prepared me very well for my current job. 

    There was nothing about Groningen that I did not like: the city is just beautiful. I especially enjoyed going everywhere by bike, the variety of offers for students and, of course, the Queensday (now Kings Day) celebrations. Groningen has everything to make (foreign) students feel at home.

    Looking back a year after my return to Mexico, I feel that I especially enjoyed getting to know Dutch culture. In addition, the courses offered and the beauty of the city made my stay in Groningen an unforgettable experience. If I had to choose a Master's programme again, I would be on a flight to Groningen.

    I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to expand my knowledge in the field of law

    Lejla Terzimehic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Global Criminal Law

    Thanks to the European Commission Scholarship and the Talent Grant from the University of Groningen, I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to expand my knowledge in the field of law that I am most passionate about, at one of the oldest and most prestigious European universities.

    Being very intellectually challenging, the master programme truly met my expectations. Sharing knowledge with my colleagues, all coming from different legal traditions, and learning from inspiring professors enriched me with the skills I hadn't attained during my previous education.

    What I found to be the most beneficial is that the Dutch education system which, taught us to develop a critical opinion on law-related issues. Moreover, this master programme had a unique approach in tackling controversial contemporary legal issues. Due to its strong comparative emphasis, it encouraged us to keep at constant track with our national law, which is of a huge significance.

    Both the master and a 6-month long internship at the International Criminal Tribunal for The Former Yugoslavia strengthened my belief in Justice. Furthermore, besides this academic benefit, I believe that studying abroad unequivocally broadens our horizons and tests prejudices we even are not aware of.

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