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About PhD Program at Constructor University

Jacobs University has a strong focus on research. This is documented by the annual output of peer-review articles (360 publications for 2018) and the number of third party funded projects from both industry and public funding authorities such as the German Research Foundation.

Among professors and postdoctoral fellows Jacobs University's PhD students, which constitute more the one-quarter of all students at Jacobs University, play a vital part in defining Jacobs University as a research institution.

There are two different approaches to obtain a PhD degree from Jacobs University:

  • Individualized, research-oriented degrees and structured PhD programs such as the Bremen International School of Social Sciences (BIGSSS) which is offered in cooperation with the University of Bremen.
  • Furthermore, Jacobs University is affiliated with the Max-Planck Institute of Marine Microbiology via the graduate program in Marine Microbiology (MarMic) and the Alfred Wegener Institut (Helmholtz Zentrum für Polar- und Meeresforschung - AWI).

Completion of a PhD degree at Jacobs University usually takes 3 - 4 years depending on the field of research. PhD degrees may be obtained in natural sciences, mathematics, engineering disciplines, social sciences and humanities. Admission to PhD studies is highly selective and attracts scholarship holders from many governmental agencies such as the China Scholarship Council (CSC) to DAAD-funded students from all over the world. Prerequisite for admission is a field-related Master's degree (or equivalent).

Each year approximately 80 students complete their PhD degrees.

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What students think about Constructor University

    Lynn from Kenya (Earth and Environmental Sciences '21)

    Testimonial from Lynn from Kenya (Earth and Environmental Sciences '21), student at Constructor University

    My overall experience at Constructor University has exceeded my expectations! Having all these great connections with people from all over the world is a constant reminder of the privilege that Constructor University has afforded me. Our education is directly linked to us wanting to make a positive impact in this world! I truly do look and think about my future in positive light due to the experiences that I have had on this campus! 

    Juan from Ecuador (Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology '23)

    Testimonial from Juan from Ecuador (Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology '23), student at Constructor University

    Constructor University is the perfect place for eager learners, every day you get to learn something new. Besides having devoted and experienced professors, you get to know unique individuals that you can share amazing perspectives, great stories and become close friends with. This community makes you grow and reminds you to keep yourself up despite the difficulties.

    Emilia from Germany (Integrated Social Sciences, now Society, Media, and Politics '21)

    Testimonial from Emilia from Germany (Integrated Social Sciences, now Society, Media, and Politics '21), student at Constructor University

    Bremen is my home town and the city I spend 17 years living and growing from and with it. Studying at Constructor University gave me the chance to show friends from all over the world beautiful places in Bremen and their surroundings they have never seen before. From my own experiences, I enjoyed, in my 2 years of traveling after high school, the contact with locals, and the authenticity you get to explore. Constructor University is the perfect place to meet open-minded people that are aiming memories you will never forget.

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