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About International University of Monaco

The Monaco Business School at the International University of Monaco (IUM) develops successful and thoughtful leaders and entrepreneurs.

IUM is the only university which provides a business education fully taught in English on the Cote d’Azur.

IUM represents a unique multicultural community of students representing more than seventy-five nationalities, thus creating a unique environment for versatile business education. Located in Monaco, one of the world's leading business centers, IUM provides students with unique networking opportunities.

In many ways, the International University of Monaco resembles its home country: both IUM and Monaco are microcosms of international business world; both are close-knit communities; both are exceptionally successful due to their tiny size and concentration of talents. IUM boasts its cutting-edge approach to business training that combines theoretical studies of fundamental business concepts, global vision of particular fields and applied skills in specific areas.

IUM offers different programs: Bachelor in Business Administration, Bachelor in Communication and Entertainment Management, Masters of Science in Luxury Management, Master of Science in Luxury Hospitality and Events Management , Masters of Science in Finance, Masters of Science in Marketing of Luxury Goods & Services, Master of Science in International Management, Master of Science in Sports Business Management, MBA

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