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1 Years

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EUR 12000 per year

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EUR 15200 per year

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About Strategy Economics at Erasmus School of Economics

Are you fascinated by the dynamics of modern economies where entire new industries are being created and existing ones constantly require renewal or are made obsolete? Do you want to understand the role of companies such as Google, Tesla and Uber for such industry dynamics? Do you want to research and stimulate these dynamic processes and contribute to policy formulation? Do you want to be part of business start-ups or help companies anticipate, thrive, and innovate?

This specialisation recognises that industries and economies constantly change, driven by technological innovations and shifting customer preferences for example. It acknowledges that entrepreneurship, innovation and strategic firm decisions are imperative to this dynamic process of transformation of world industry. You will focus on how entrepreneurs, firms and policy makers can initiate and benefit from economic changes.

The Strategy Economics programme provides you with a powerful set of skills, tools and models to make smart strategic decisions and become a true change maker. Through practical application and rigorous study of theories you will develop solid analytical and research skills to address questions like:

  • What is the role of new and established firms (micro and large) for the emergence and growth of industries?
  • What determines market entry and exit of firms?
  • How do firm strategies (for example R&D investments, foreign direct investments, knowledge acquisition, collaboration and differential pricing) affect industry evolution?
  • How does the external industry environment (for example extent of competition, availability of skilled employees and other resources) affect entrepreneurship and firm strategy?
  • Why and how do policy makers stimulate firm behaviour such as job growth, innovation, foreign direct investments and exports?

In addition, the programme enables you to quantitatively and empirically analyse real-life problems in the field and interpret and present findings in a clear and concise way.

Is this the right choice for you?

Are you an original thinker with proactive qualities? Do economic dynamics, change and innovation excite you? Does the combination of being right where the action is and the quantitative approach towards analysing firm and industry dynamics appeal to you? Then Strategy Economics is your programme.

To do well in this programme, it helps if you have:

  • An interest in firms and entrepreneurs as drivers of economic change
  • Affinity with a quantitative approach/ analysis.

Why study Strategy Economics in Rotterdam?

Rotterdam is a vibrant, multicultural city that is at the forefront of exciting developments in industry, logistics, science, culture and architecture. Here you can choose a programme that is predominantly built on the idea that entrepreneurship and innovation are the things that make people, firms and industries successful. You will focus on phenomena like new technologies, shifting consumer preferences, economic crises and innovation that pose constant challenges and opportunities. This gives you a deep understanding of the underlying causes of the emergence, development and growth of industries.

In short: a unique programme in the heart of society.

Study Strategy Economics for:

  • The only European master programme combining the economics view with entrepreneurship and strategy
  • A very strong student association and entrepreneurship centre, providing numerous extracurricular activities
  • A young, active and modern group of professors
  • A challenging curriculum with a broad range of electives, giving you the analytical research skills and strategic mind-set to suit today’s dynamic economic environment.

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  • The awardMasterHow you will studyFull-timeHow long you will study1 year
    Course startsSeptemberDomestic course feesEUR 12000 per yearInternational course feesEUR 15200 per year

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