Take charge, Be in the driver’s seat

By Alba Graduate Business School

ALBA Graduate Business School

In the wake of the first Covid-19 lockdown, we all learned how important it is to be agile and adaptable, qualities that all business schools need to promote to their students. Qualities that have been embeded to Alba Graduate Business School, the American College of Greece culture and curriculum since its founding.

While navigating this challenging period, Alba, as a leading graduate business school, realized that the school needed to create new ways of teaching since not all of the students are the same. The business school recognized that one size does not fit all and put effort in  giving students more innovative ways to customize their MBA/Masters experience.

Adapting to Diverse Modes of Learning

Quoting Alba’s Dean Dr. Konstantinos Axarloglou “We understand that the responsibility of an academic institution is to evolve , to grow and to help our students develop the skills they need in a changing world driven by globalization and disruptive technology. Committed to our Business Unusual motto we constantly adapt our academic programs to ensure our graduates  stay one step ahead of the game, have a competitive edge and remain resilient and above all relevant.”

In such a climate, Alba has a responsibility to support professionals in their lifelong learning process by offering the following to cover the academic needs of our students:

  • Three diverse modes of learning: traditional classroom setting, 100% online and hybrid, reaching a larger, global audience.
  • The student is in the driver’s seat: All our modes of learning are student-centered. Since life is unexpected and there could be disruptions at any time, students can pick and choose whatever mode works best for them.
  • Alba professors work closely with students and help them get the most out of their learning experience.
  • Promote a culture of faculty research to facilitate the continuous transfer of knowledge and skills to students.
  • Advisory board members from the business industry advise Alba about the skills and knowledge students need to succeed. Academic programs constantly change so we can be current with the times.
  • Systematically cultivate a new midset. Creativity and innovation, flexibility, positivity, resilience, adaptability, openness to unknown and tolerance to adversity and the unexpected are only a few of the competencies that enable learning agility. Learning agility helps learners comprehend new patterns and effectively function in the rapidly evolving VUCA environment.

For those choosing to attend the face-to-face programs, Alba Campus is conveniently located downtown, in the center of Athens and near the business district. The campus features a wide range of auditoriums, specialized computer labs and meeting rooms to facilitate the learning experience. Students experience tailor-made and environmentally conscious services within a modern yet friendly academic environment. To meet the accommodation needs of the international students, Alba maintains fully furnished apartments just walking distance from the school’s campus. 

ALBA Graduate Business School

In its 30 years, Alba has strived to bring closer education of management with the needs of the economy, having a deep impact on the business education landscape in Greece.

At Alba, students feel they are ‘sailing’ together on a unique learning journey! Alba maintains the highest ethical and quality standards in whatever they do while seeking innovation that will transform everything else.

Dean Axarloglou embodied the scope of the Alba DNA when stating that: “In whatever we do, we prioritize to provide transformative academic excellence, innovations in management and transform our students to become life-long learners and industry leaders.”

Business Unusual is the Alba DNA — a mindset, a way of thinking and working in business, a way of living in society. Alba encourages you to take charge of your learning and challenge yourself, push your boundaries and set your sights over the horizon.

To find out more about Alba, visit their website.

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