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  • UG:CertificateFull-timeNovember, February, May2 quarterUSD 7995 quarter
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MI's Music Business Programs provide hands-on training for business careers in the music industry. Learn career skills including Marketing and Promotion, Music Publishing, Music Contracts and Personal Management from an insider's perspective. Gain practical experience through your guaranteed internship, bring real independent artists to market and learn how to set up and operate your own record label.

Whether your goal is to land a job in the industry or to manage your own creative career, MI prepares you to handle the challenges of the highly competitive music business with confidence.

Training by Industry Professionals

Industry-veteran instructors bring first-hand knowledge of all aspects of the music business directly to the classroom, from A&R and promotion to contracts, distribution, publishing, and management.

Real-World Internships

Many of MI's Music Business Program students find work in industry internship positions, which help to foster important industry relationships and in many cases, full-time employment opportunities

Record Companies: Learn How They Work, Start Your Own

Learn the complete record company business cycle from A&R and duplication to promotion and distribution as you bring an actual independent artist to market.

Music Entrepreneurs: the Future is yours

The music industry is undergoing a radical transformation as old business models crumble. Independent music entrepreneurs with fresh ideas will mould the new models that will replace them and MI can provide you with the knowledge and skills to create your own future.


A large part of music business success comes from your network

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