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The internet is old. Well, in ‘internet’ terms it is. What’s new is the new technologies and applications that are using it. Mobile phones are set to overtake desktop’s and laptop’s as the main way people access online information and as they do, existing online services need to be adapted to utilise the new technology available.

Mobile phones have led us to a world where we are constantly connected to the world wide web, allowing us to socialize, shop and work from almost anywhere in the world. But this mobile technology is still relatively new and untapped, and businesses are becoming interested with increasing the exploitation of mobile users in ever-more complex ways.

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Why Study Internet Application Development?

By studying a masters in internet application development, you’ll be readying yourself for a career in an industry that is just gaining traction. Whilst it is impossible to predict where the technology will be in ten years time, it wouldn’t be foolish to suggest that the industry will grow exponentially.

Internet application development masters courses are designed for graduates who want to develop web and mobile applications. From digital media applications, such as YouTube, to business-orientated projects such as SalesForce, internet application developers were behind some of the most commonly used tools of the 21st century.

What do you study in Internet Application Development?

You’ll learn how to construct internet applications and learn how to adapt systems to tackle issues such as security, usability and accessibility. A masters in internet application development will also look at ethical and legal issues that are sometimes overlooked by ‘indie’ developers, giving you an edge over the competition.

Whilst things such as security and legal terms and conditions aren’t the most glamorous aspects of the subject, they are some of the most important. Web and mobile apps have the ability to go from zero to a million downloads in a matter of hours, so it’s vital to make sure you fully understand any security issues that could arise, how to fix them and how to protect yourself, your intellectual property and your livelihood with legal documentation.

Picking an Internet Application Development Course

All internet application development courses vary between institutions. In particular, the way in which you are assessed can differ enormously. Some universities will mainly grade your masters degree on practical work, whilst others place a higher emphasis on the research element. By comparing course content, assessment methods and fees, you can find the course that’s right for you. But sifting through courses from all over the country can be time consuming. By using StudyLink’s course search tool, you can find the course that is right for you, by comparing course content and fees and building up your own shortlist. You can then find out when an institution’s open day is so you can check the University is everything you anticipate it to be before applying.

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