Short-term course on Shi’a Studies (Miscellaneous Non Award)

Iran (Islamic Republic of)

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Miscellaneous Non Award

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2 Weeks

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USD 1500

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USD 1500

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About Short-term course on Shi’a Studies at University of Religions and Denominations

Shi’a Studies is a discipline dealing with the study of Shi’a as a coherent phenomenon in which
the way of Shi’a formation, the quality of its expansion in various countries, its current situation
in the world as well as its believing principles, teachings, ceremonies and rituals, its exclusive
wisdom and science will be discussed.

The Department of Shi’a Studies for the University of Religions and Denominations, Qom, Iran,
will hold short-term course focusing upon the following topics:

1- The History of Shi’ism
2- The Study of Shi’ism sects
3- The Principles of Shi’a beliefs
4- The Geopolitics of Shi’ism
5- The Shi’a Ceremonies and Rituals

Shi’ism is considered as the second largest denomination for Islam’s followers and Iran, the most
important pole of Imamites Shi’ism, contains more than 40% of the world Shi’ites. The main topic
of this course is to focus upon “Twelver Shi’ism”; however, participants in this course will be
familiar with the movement of its formation and development, the main branches of Shi’ism, its
teachings and beliefs as well as its ceremonies and rituals in a tangible form.

The course will be hold in 6 days and in English, at the end of which a certificate will be granted
to the participants.

Note: A text containing a brief introduction to the topics will be emailed to the applicants, one
month before the course.


All university professors/lecturers, researchers/experts, and PhD candidates in related fields are
invited to apply. Please send your detailed CV/resume, a letter of interest, and an application
form, to the program coordinator, Majid Esmaeili at, by December 15,
2015. In exceptional cases applications by MA students in relevant fields might also be


The fees for the whole program are $1500, of which $1000 is for the workshop and $500 for the
tour (the rates may vary according to the type of room). Applicants may apply only for the
workshop and pay only the workshop fees, but may not apply for the tour alone. The fees include
accommodations and all meals and travel inside Iran for the whole twelve days, but not flight
tickets to and from Iran or visa fees.

Note: a financial aid is available for those who cannot afford the whole cost of the course.
For more information please contact the coordinator, Mr. S.M. Esmaeili via email:

Study options for this course

  • The award How you will study How long you will study Course starts Domestic course fees International course fees
  • The awardMiscellaneous Non AwardHow you will studyFull-timeHow long you will study2 weeks
    Course startsMarchDomestic course feesUSD 1500International course feesUSD 1500

Entry requirements for this course

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