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About Chemistry with Industrial Experience at University of Nottingham

This five-year course provides the broad, in-depth chemistry training of the MSci Chemistry course, with the added dimension of a year spent in a research laboratory of a major chemical company. The course structure for years one to three is the same as for F101 MSci Chemistry. The strong and broad foundation in all areas of chemistry provided by the first two years and the in-depth study and advanced laboratory techniques developed by Year three provide an excellent base from which students can successfully experience research work in a prestigious industrial laboratory.
The fourth year provides experience of industrial research and it is not assessed. The scheme includes: AstraZeneca, Avecia, BP, Celltech, GlaxoSmithKline, ICI, Merck, Sharp and Dohme, Novartis, Organon, Pfizer and Syngenta. The fifth year is spent back at Nottingham and follows the same pattern as Year four of the MSci Chemistry course, and includes advanced theory modules and an extended research project.

Year one
The first year provides a broad foundation in chemical knowledge and theory, complemented by optional modules. Basic chemistry is covered in theory modules, which accumulate a total of 60 credits, and laboratory methods are covered by a 20-credit practical module. Optional modules amounting to 20 credits per semester may be selected from a wide range offered throughout the University. These include the standard scientific subjects, languages, management studies and computer science. Within the constraints of the timetable, students have a free choice of optional modules. However, all students are advised to select one mathematics module per semester and those who do not offer physics at A or AS level are also advised to attend one physics module.

Year two
In the second year, theoretical and practical modules build on the knowledge and understanding gained in the first year. You will also pursue a Literature and Communication Skills project that trains you in the use of library and chemistry database facilities to review and evaluate the latest advances in chemistry, as well as in the writing of reports and in the preparation of short talks using presentation and word-processing software. The core material accounts for approximately 90% of your study time (100 credits), the remainder of which can be covered by optional modules (20 credits).

Year three
In the third year, students study the three major branches of chemistry at increasing depth in seven 10-credit modules. Practical work, which consists of a series of experiments that illustrate advanced experimental techniques and literature and communications skills are covered by a 30-credit module. Students also have a choice of optional modules to provide a further 20 credits. During Year three the Industrial Host for each student's Research Year will be decided by consultation between the student, the personal tutor and the Research Year in Industry Committee. Placement with the Industrial Host will also be subject to successful interview.

Year four
The fourth year will be spent in a research laboratory of a major chemical company. The scheme includes: Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Astra Zeneca, Merck Sharp and Dohme, ICI, BP, Organon, Syngenta, Celltech, Avecia and Novartis. The literature and communication skills developed during the first three years of the course will be enhanced and extended by the Research Year in Industry where independent research and reporting skills will be emphasised.

Year five
The final year of the MSci course provides the opportunity for increased specialisation. Advanced theory modules are provided together with a number of specialist modules which reflect the research interests of staff. Each student also undertakes a major 60-credit research project at Nottingham or at an overseas university. This provides an opportunity to experience the full range of research methods employed in modern chemistry. Project topics range from biological chemistry through materials chemistry to surface science. For example, you may be involved in a group which is synthesising pharmaceuticals or applying laser technology to chemical problems. The project develops not only your practical ability and problem solving skills but also your appreciation of the published literature and your use of library and computer database resources.

By the end of the course
You will gain exceptional training in modern conceptual and practical chemistry, and you will develop your critical thinking, problem solving and time-management skills. In addition, you will gain research experience by working in a research laboratory within the chemical industry. Part of your final year will involve you joining a world-leading research group in the School to work on a project at the cutting-edge of research in chemistry. You will develop into a self-motivated and independent researcher; attributes that are essential for a research career in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries or for postgraduate research in the chemical sciences. Our graduates are also highly sought after for recruitment into professions outside the chemical industry including those in finance, education, marketing and the media.

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