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About Master of Business Administration at University of Newcastle, Australia

Up for the challenge? Of course you are.

Got a knack for strategic thinking and direction? Sounds like you…

Keen to drive organisational change with strong leadership and sharp workplace cultural awareness?

Outstanding business leadership meets you when you graduate with the Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Newcastle. With brand new on-campus facilities, or an all-inclusive online program guided by business leaders and academics, the MBA through the University of Newcastle is designed to challenge you and build your capacity for business excellence.

Our newly designed and developed MBA program reflects the latest in contemporary management practice, providing six fundamental courses covering the foundations of modern business; money, markets and people. Core courses in leadership, strategic management and corporate governance provide pivotal insights into the dynamics of modern organisations.

In addition to the core courses, students will have the choice to specialise in one of the following areas:

  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing
  • Applied Finance
  • International Business
  • Health Services Management
  • Alternatively, students can create their own course program, selecting their preferred areas of study from over 70 elective courses.

    The University of Newcastle MBA can be studied at a variety of locations and online. No matter where you choose to study, you can study at your own pace. Study full-time or part-time to suit your needs.

    Newcastle City Precinct

    If you're the kind who relishes an elite education from business leaders in world-class facilities, then the purpose-built NewSpace in the Newcastle CBD is the place for you. Team a first-class learning environment with a relaxed coastal lifestyle, inner-city living and access to exceptional natural surrounds to take the edge off the demands of study.

    UON Sydney

    You want to live, study and work in a city that drives Australia's business, industry and economic sectors. If you want it all, at your own pace, take advantage of our brand new UON Sydney facility, where you can combine face-to-face learning in a city-based location, with online coursework that will support city-living.

    UON Singapore

    Maybe you want to immerse yourself in a learning environment located at the epicentre of Asian regional and global commerce. If so, you can study the MBA through UON Singapore and remain embedded in localised economic and business activity while undertaking specialised learning and business acumen close to home.


    You can also study your MBA online, wherever you are, as you continue to drive your workplace experiences. At the same time as you advance your education and skills set, you're still gaining that professional edge. This is available to you at one of Australia's leading academic institutions under the tutorship of some of the country's leading business and academic minds.

    Business management and development is challenging. In today's increasingly competitive business environments everyone wants a piece of you and expectations are at their peak. Luckily, you like to hit the ground running and you're ready to support your existing business acumen with strong business principles so that your potential for high-level leadership capabilities can propel you towards greater opportunities. You know you just need that 'academic edge'.

    You're likely to already know what you want out of your career. You've been working at it for a while. The MBA offered at the University of Newcastle is one of the few programs across the country that recognises relevant professional experience. This may result in credit being granted for up to four courses. Time is precious and recognition of industry experience means you could complete your MBA in just eight courses. Learn more about recognition of professional experience by visiting the Professional Credit section.

    The University of Newcastle's MBA program will turn you into a leader who is responsive, adaptable and transferable within and across organisations of all sizes in the public, private or not-for-profit sectors. You understand that knowledge is power and the MBA will arm you with the 'know-how' to apply yourself to senior and executive management opportunities.

    Our MBA program is recognised among international students as a high-value, flexible business leadership educational program that meets the increasing need for executive leadership in global industries, commerce and economies. The options for both domestic and international students are as follows:

    Domestic students & International off-shore students
    Our 12-course MBA can be completed over three trimesters full-time (one year) or a maximum of five years part-time. Depending upon your professional experience you could reduce the amount of courses you study and the time taken to complete your masters. You can reduce your degree to 8 courses with Professional Credit, learn more.
    International on-shore students
    Our full 12-course MBA can be completed inside a 12 month period over three successive trimesters.  Full-time students typically take 4 courses each trimester, which enables our candidates to progress effectively through the program. There is also the option to take just 3 courses each trimester and spread your study experience over 16 months.
    International students wishing to study with us for a longer period of 18 months or two years, may wish to consider one of our combined MBA degree programs:

    • MBA/Master of Applied Finance
    • MBA/Master of Human Resource Management 
    • MBA/Master of International Business
    • MBA/Master of Marketing


    You'll be ready to apply your strengthened strategic focus and embed your outstanding business management capabilities in real-world business opportunities. The University of Newcastle's MBA program delivers the skills, and will inherently build your confidence to enable you to reach for those senior and executive leadership roles.

    Our graduates range from company executives, self-starting entrepreneurs, public sector leaders - in reality the range of opportunities that have opened up for our alumni are literally limitless.  

    Given the University of Newcastle's strong focus on international business, consider the reality of a leadership role in a global corporation located locally or abroad. Position yourself as someone capable of furthering the international standing of Australian-owned industries. The University of Newcastle's MBA is delivered by some of the country's leading business and economic leaders. The course is deeply-rooted in industry engagement and business networking opportunities that expose you to experiences while you study that could lead to remarkable workplace prospects on graduation.  

    Back your ambitions with an MBA from the University of Newcastle and insure your future success.  

    Study options for this course

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    • The awardMBAHow you will studyFull-time, Part-time, OnlineHow long you will study1 - 2 year
      Course startsFebruaryDomestic course fees find outInternational course feesAUD 33600 per year

    Entry requirements

    There are two pathways into the Master of Business Administration.

    Direct entry into the Masters Program (120 units) will be available to applicants who have:

    • 4 year Bachelors (Honours) Degree; or
    • 3 year Bachelors Degree in a related field such as accounting, business, commerce, economics, finance, human resource management, industrial relations, management, marketing; or
    • 3 year Bachelors Degree not in a related field + 1 year relevant organisational experience; or
    • At least 7 years relevant organisational experience, including 2 years in a management position.

    The alternate pathway is through the Graduate Certificate (40 units), available for applicants who have:

    • 3 year Bachelors Degree not in a related field; or
    • 3 year Diploma in a related field such as accounting, business, commerce, economics, finance, human resource management, industrial relations, management, marketing; or
    • 3 year Diploma not in a related field + 1 year relevant organisational experience; or
    • 2 year Diploma in a related field such as accounting, business, commerce, economics, finance, human resource management, industrial relations, management, marketing, + 2 years relevant organisational experience; or
    • 2 year Diploma not in a related field + 3 years relevant organisational experience; or
    • At least 5 years relevant organisational experience.

    Location of University of Newcastle, Australia

    University of Newcastle, Australia main campus is shown on the map below:

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