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About Master of Creative Industries at University of Newcastle, Australia

The Master of Creative Industries is a combination of practical, creative and entrepreneurial courses designed to align your creative skills with the most progressive industries. Using first-rate facilities and Innovation Labs, you will collaborate in an interdisciplinary learning environment to transform your ideas and passions into a commercial product. You will also learn how to expose your product to the market place. One of the most valued learning outcomes in the program is the ability to understand what industry and communities require to drive social and cultural change.

You have the freedom to take elective coursework in the following areas:

  • Creative Writing
  • Creative and Performing Arts
  • Music
  • Design Communication
  • Information Technology.

The Master of Creative Industries is a degree that enables you the freedom to choose from a variety of courses, to determine your own direction. Our coursework will enable you to translate your passion into innovative solutions for business, society, the environment - your world.

Admission into the Master of Creative Industries is based on your existing undergraduate qualifications in a related discipline area. There are a number of recognised prior learning and experience opportunities to discuss on application. Discuss your options with the friendly admissions team.

What will you study?

The University of Newcastle has developed this Masters Program to provide the perfect balance of creative freedom and educational support to:

Be analytical - in a way that allows you to assess the magnitude of opportunities that come your way upon graduating from the Master of Creative Industries.
Be brave - by engaging the leadership qualities instilled in you at the University of Newcastle to drive and nurture your talent and recognise this in others.
Be dedicated - because if you're doing what you love, you'll never work a day in your life, right?

The University of Newcastle approach will ensure your learning experience provides practical, industry-relevant learning outcomes in a personally meaningful way. At the core of the program are three Innovation Lab courses, which are designed to support the development of a single project that serves your creativity. These core innovation labs are:

  • Thinking it Through: Explore the fundamental approaches that underpin the making and development of an innovation. Draw on ideas and practices such as - interdisciplinarity, creativity, collaboration and entrepreneurship to identify problems and opportunities that give rise to innovation. 
  • Making It Happen:  Develop and demonstrate a high level of creative, professional and entrepreneurial expertise within your chosen creative practice/s. The Lab and studios will provide you with facilities and opportunities to engage in real world or speculative creative projects that address the complexities typically encountered by expert creative industries professionals.
  • Making it Known: Work closely with your academic supervisor and collaborators to realise how the outcomes of your work are presented, published and made known in the professional and academic context of the Creative Industries. Presentations could include live, virtual, mediated or text-based formats

You will have access to cutting-edge technologies in your chosen discipline and be supported by highly trained technical staff. You will be mentored by world-class researchers and business people who will provide you with the theoretical know-how to strengthen your project management and entrepreneurial approach in the real world.

Is it for you?

If you define yourself as a creator, shape-shifter, innovator; the University of Newcastle offers a unique degree that will engage your creativity for social and cultural innovation. The Master of Creative Industries is the platform to explore ideas and transform your passions into viable commercial endeavours.

The University of Newcastle's Master of Creative Industries offers students:

  • First-rate facilities to create and learn. The University of Newcastle has established Innovation Labs, that fosters invention and entrepreneurialism.
  • An interdisciplinary learning environment that directs students to shape concepts into productive solutions for a variety of markets
  • Lessons and mentoring from industry experts across creative disciplines - take part in truly inspiring engagement opportunities to explore ideas and examine creative solutions
  • The freedom to explore and create, balanced with support and theoretical structure to apply your creativity in real-world settings.


The outcomes of this masters program are as flexible as the learning experience. The Master of Creative Industries enables you to focus on your goals, whether that is to learn to build a project from scratch, upskilling in new creative directions, hothousing a project to present it to stakeholders or investors. What do you want? The options are limitless:

"The products of the creative sector touch the lives of almost every single Australian every day of the year. They are all around us - in our media, banking, health industries, in our work and recreation." So says Peter Higgs, Senior Research Fellow at the Arc Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (CCI)

Use this advice and apply it to "traditional" creative industries like advertising and marketing, creative writing and publishing, architecture and interior design, graphic and electronic design, visual arts, film and cinematics, production (TV newspapers and radio), music, performing arts and the ever-evolving world of digital content and software…..or explore the myriad new avenues.

Study options for this course

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Entry requirements

The Master of Creative Industries is an 80 - 120 unit postgraduate qualification.

Discipline areas include but are not limited to: advertising design, architecture, design, electronic games, fashion, film, music, performing arts, publishing, radio, television, visual arts.

Admission to the Master of Creative Industries will be based on a completed:

Bachelor Degree in a discipline area with 1 year relevant work experience (80 units) OR

Bachelor degree in a discipline area with no relevant work experience (120 units) OR

Bachelor Honours Degree (80 units) OR

Graduate Certificate (80 units) OR

Diploma in a discipline area with a minimum of 5 years relevant work experience (80 units).

Evidence of relevant work experience must be detailed through a statement of service and or portfolio.

Admission to this program is available to Australian students, residents and international students. Click here for more information on how to apply

Location of University of Newcastle, Australia

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