Graduate Certificate in Environmental and Business Management (Graduate Certificate)

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About Graduate Certificate in Environmental and Business Management at University of Newcastle, Australia

If you're looking to improve your environmental science or business skills so that you can professionally influence business decisions as they relate to the environment, the Graduate Certificate in Environmental and Business Management is the perfect way for you to achieve this goal.

With an increasing demand for environmental management as part of business requirements, improving your 'green' credentials can potentially give your career a leading edge. You'll learn key management approaches associated with environmental concerns, and you'll learn from the best.

This program is geared toward the emerging requirements for sound environmental management as part of the overall business process. It includes a unique blend of environmental courses that focus on key principles of environmental management, sustainability and climate change together with core business courses that will broaden your understanding of topics such as human resource management, corporate finance and project management.

As a graduate you will possess a unique combination of environmental and business skills preparing you to pursue your passion for environmental science or to gain a deeper understanding of the environmental issues directly influencing your workplace.

Our advanced online learning system provides you with the flexibility and support to study anytime, anywhere to balance work, life and study. You can achieve your fully accredited Graduate Certificate in Environmental and Business Management at a time that suits you.

What will you study?

To successfully complete the Graduate Certificate in Environmental and Business Management, you will study core courses in environmental management and business and the natural environment and two directed courses of your choice.

You will develop a broader understanding of current environmental issues influencing the decisions you make as a manager. Your corporate environmental decision making will be further supported by your improved understanding of the business-environment interface.

Further to this, you will learn the theory, philosophy and practice of environmental management within a policy and problem solving framework. Via two additional directed courses, you will have the opportunity to learn basic legislative and policy requirements for environmental protection in Australian and international contexts and gain an understanding of how global climate change influences policy development relevant to business practice.

You will emerge with a well-developed understanding of how environmental issues can be integrated into broader corporate strategies.

Is it for you?

Business is continuing to advance its focus on 'being green' and applying green business practices. The Graduate Certificate in Environmental and Business Management prepares you to specialise as an environmental business expert.

You will have the opportunity to grow your skill-set by combining the study of business and environmental science.

At the completion of the program you will be able to play an active role in shaping the way businesses consider the environment and determining their environmental impact.

Responding to society's current move towards green based practices, the program offers studies with practical course work designed to assist you grow your skill set and develop your business acumen.

This online program is designed and delivered by some of the best in the field, to challenge you and assist you in building your skills in environmental and business management. At the end of your studies you will be prepared to take on more senior roles developing environmental management plans and strategies.

The University welcomes applicants from a range of science, engineering, natural resource and business backgrounds. You may have qualifications or experience in conservation planning, forestry, marine science or urban and regional planning, just to name a few.


The Graduate Certificate in Environmental and Business Management provides you with a unique combination of extended knowledge and leading edge skills useful for enhancing, advancing or even changing career paths.  The importance of high-level business management skills within an environmental context cannot be underestimated and will continue to make graduates from this program attractive to future employers.

In many ways this program, offered online, will suit students who are already working for non-government organisations, government or the private sector. Depending on your area of specialisation, you may wish to move into policy development, natural resource management, environmental and social impact assessment or systems modelling.

Study options for this course

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  • The awardGraduate CertificateHow you will studyOnlineHow long you will study1 year
    Course startsFebruaryDomestic course fees find outInternational course feesAUD 35610 per year

Entry requirements

Students with an AQF Level 7 Bachelor degree or an AQF Level 8 Bachelor Honours degree are eligible for admission to the program. In special circumstances, an applicant holding other acceptable academic or professional qualifications and relevant work experience may be admitted as a candidate for the program.

What students think about University of Newcastle, Australia

    Real-World Experiences

    Testimonial from Real-World Experiences, student at University of Newcastle, Australia

    "Engineering degrees at the University of Newcastle are very much focused on providing life-long, real-world, professional skills that will set me up for my future career."

    On campus I can participate in industry guest lectures and live projects sponsored by business. I also get exposure to real-world challenges and critical engineering applications with 12-weeks of industrial experience.

    Newcastle is one of only three universities in Australia in the Global E³ which gives me learning opportunities with the best universities all over the world. Universities like Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University which ranks in the top 10 in the world.

    I like that engineering is such a broad field and I could end up working not only designing buildings, but also transport systems and tunnels. I feel like studying at the University of Newcastle is giving me the best possible start.”

    Neruiben, Newcastle
    Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Civil), 2017

    Pathways to University

    Testimonial from Pathways to University, student at University of Newcastle, Australia

    "The University of Newcastle's English Language Centre was the perfect platform for me to start studying in Australia."

    I decided to come to the University of Newcastle as I really wanted to study a quality psychology degree in Australia. Before starting the degree, I attended the University’s English Language Centre where I undertook an English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students (ELICOS).

    This course really helped me develop my English skills and prepare me for studying full-time.
    I really liked how my English teachers had a passion for helping each student. They provided a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Many of the teachers had even taught in a variety of Asian countries.

    I’m looking forward to finishing my four-year degree in Newcastle as university life here is serene and enjoyable.”

    Kenneth, Hong Kong
    Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), 2017

    Ways of Teaching

    Testimonial from Ways of Teaching, student at University of Newcastle, Australia

    "Studying Medicine at the University of Newcastle has helped me prepare for the real-world."

    I transferred from the International Medical University in Malaysia half way through my Bachelor of Medicine degree. I’m proud to have completed my degree and really enjoyed my time at the University of Newcastle.

    The University’s medicine program is world-class. The program includes several different clinical placements that helped prepare me for the real-world. I’ve had the opportunity to learn and work at various general practitioners, the John Hunter Hospital, the Singleton District Hospital, and the Mater Hospital. I’ve also been able to travel to different places in Australia to learn new things, including a nursing home in Adelaide.

    I’ve graduated with the medical expertise and skills to help maintain and promote individual and community health around the world. I was offered a job at Tamworth Rural Referral Hospital.”

    Pearl, Malaysia
    Bachelor of Medicine, 2017

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