Master of Environmental Management and Sustainability (Master)

University of Newcastle, Australia

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About Master of Environmental Management and Sustainability at University of Newcastle, Australia

The focus of the Master of Environmental Management and Sustainability is to integrate theory and practice with interdisciplinary grounding in sustainable policy development and policy implementation, environmental management and impact assessment.

This degree will guide you to develop specialist knowledge of issues that have global consequence: we offer sustainability courses that develop your understanding of ecosystem health, water management, environmental legislation and planning, environmental impact assessment, social change and development, climate change policy and conservation biology. You'll expand your critical appreciation of sustainability, ethics, governance and cultural difference in relation to environmental management and practice through a developed understanding of these issues.

You will be able to embed your skills in emerging industries, including climate change, developing energy solutions, sustainable infrastructure, water management and land use.

What will you study?

The core focus of the Master of Environmental Management and Sustainability program rests in collaboration, relevance and innovation. We guide our students from their current career position, targeting engagement opportunities with like-minded experts and professionals, to arrive at graduation with a heightened understanding of environmental systems, policy development and change implementation that resonates with current best practice.

Your acquired knowledge can influence sustainable infrastructure policy, energy investment, resource and ecology management, technology and innovation. Ultimately, you get to decide.

Our advanced online learning system provides you with the flexibility and support to study anytime, anywhere to balance work, life and study. You can achieve your fully accredited Master of Environmental Management and Sustainability at a time that suits you.

At the completion of your studies, you will be able to apply your high-level practical and theoretical knowledge across a variety of fields, including research, consultancy, advocacy and private practice. Critical interpretation is a high value of the UON GradSchool and we will renew your critical focus on environmental sustainability, ethics, governance and cultural difference in relation to environmental practice and management.

You will develop a high-level understanding of industrial, domestic and rural environmental technologies and their impact. You will also gain an understanding of indigenous environmental issues, environmental problems in developing countries and their social roots and together we will explore the radical social change policy options for dealing with environmental issues.

Is it for you?

The challenges facing environmental sustainability and practical environmental management are complex. You know that. You belong to the set that looks to the future and forms solutions to creating a brighter, better, more in-tune world. You seek out opportunities to collaborate and participate with like-minded individuals that share your passion and dedication to responsive, innovative and enduring change.

Jobs in high environmental impact areas are forecasted to grow strongly in the next decade; it is estimated that 3.25 million workers will need to be equipped with new, more sustainable skills. This program will enable you to improve your 'green' credentials and give your career a leading edge.

The University of Newcastle's Master of Environmental Management and Sustainability is an opportunistic program designed to engage with the broad issues that contemporary societies face in today's climate in an open and cooperative learning environment.

You may be coming to the University of Newcastle's Master of Environmental Management and Sustainability from one of the following fields:

  • Conservation studies
  • Environmental rehabilitation studies
  • Forestry
  • Geography (human and physical)
  • Marine
  • Resource and environmental management
  • Policy studies
  • Social ecology
  • Environment studies
  • Urban and regional planning

Or you might be seeking new direction in your related area of experience. The University of Newcastle values informal learning accreditation through your professional experience. Admission to the Master of Environmental Management and Sustainability program is available to applicants who can demonstrate a suitable combination of education, professional experience and industry qualifications.

Your goal may be to lead strategic development for sustainable urban and regional planning, or developing climate change policy. You may have an appetite for conservation, environmental rehabilitation and resource management.  With the flexibility to study your areas of interest, the MEMS program will equip you with sophisticated frameworks to drive practical solutions for environmental, economic and social policy. 

You're ready to lead the movement to environmental sustainability protocols. You are focused on providing industry with the solutions required for the future. These solutions will make a difference to neighbourhoods, cities, regions and the international marketplace as avenues of environmental diversity continue to open up.

At a practical level, you will become further equipped to prepare environmental management plans and drive approvals; engage business development and team management skills; conduct field investigations and monitoring programs. By leveraging the learning opportunities offered through the MEMS, you will be a real asset drawn on to consult and implement valuable environmental change.


Environmental sustainability is becoming a primary driver in government policy and industry direction. As evidence for adapting environmental policy builds, so too does the requirement to consult the experts for the best approach for sustainable solutions.

The Master of Environmental Management and Sustainability equips you with the expertise to drive these solutions through to implementation and outcomes for the betterment of society and the economy.

The University of Newcastle will support you as you build a collegial international network that continues after graduation. With an interactive focus, our structured online learning environments promote collaboration, leading to a career built on engagement and knowledge-sharing.

Apply your renewed knowledge structure along avenues of sustainability promotion, infrastructure, investment and change management. Or, walk a new path.

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