Master of Business Administration / Master of Human Resource Management (MBA, Master)

University of Newcastle, Australia

Cricos: 00109J

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About Master of Business Administration / Master of Human Resource Management at University of Newcastle, Australia

A combined Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and Human Resource Management will equip graduates with advanced leadership skills, superior analytical reasoning and administrative expertise and also develop the knowledge and practical skills required to be an effective and professional manager of people. This is a program which will be equally valuable to general managers in all types of organisations with significant responsibilities for managing people, and to HRM practitioners, who want to be effective and respected strategic 'business partners'.

This combined program will equip you for diverse real-world business situations, increasing your value as a professional, and providing a fast-track to leadership, increased salary, and career advancement.

The Master of Business Administration / Master of Human Resource Management is one of the few programs that recognises relevant professional experience and may result in credit being granted for up to four courses. This means you could complete your combined Masters in 12 courses! To learn more about what your professional experience can provide you with, please visit the Professional Development tab.

Our advanced online learning system provides you with the flexibility and support to study anytime, anywhere and thereby balance work, life and study. You can achieve your Master of Business Administration/Master of Human Resource Management in a timeframe that suits you.

Is it for you?

A combined Masters Program in Human Resource Management and Business Administration will enhance your professional standing as a specialist and a generalist, with the added advantage of allowing you to complete the program in less time than it would take to complete these two degrees individually.

The MBA focuses on developing a higher level of understanding of the fundamental building blocks of organizational management; managerial decision making, marketing, organizational behavior, accounting and finance, and strategic management.

The Master of HRM program focuses on developing professional skills for people working as advisors to and advocates for, as well as managers of, people. In these roles, HRM and ER professionals must be able to put a strong and reasoned argument for a particular way forward, based on a deep understanding of relevant HRM and ER theory as well as a practical understanding of workplace problems and their context. The Problem-Based Learning (PBL) approach used in this program builds confidence and competence in effective management of people, and will prepare you well for a senior management/leadership role, specialist HR role, or consulting career.

This combined postgraduate qualification can be the key to your future career success, building significantly on your formal qualifications and advancing your career.


A combined Master degree will enhance your career opportunities and progression potential. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is an internationally recognised and prestigious qualification, which can significantly increase your professional value and employability. Combined with the Master of Human Resource Management (MHRM) - a qualification which develops advanced knowledge and practical skills in managing people - the professional outcomes from each program are enhanced. With your superior leadership capabilities, business management understanding and chosen human resource specialisation, you will be able to make an unusual and valuable contribution to many organisations.

With a combined Masters in Business Administration and Human Resource Management you can leverage your existing experience with enhanced skills and knowledge to gain control of your future. Whether your goal is to boost your current career or change career paths, you will have the advanced skills and knowledge to achieve this.

This degree will prepare you to lead others in a position such as:

  • Site or General Manager with significant people management responsibilities
  • Human Resources Manager or Human Resources Director
  • Senior Consultant/Partner in a business/HR consulting firm
  • Policy Advisor to government.

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Students entering via this pathway are able to complete 4 courses per trimester, and are able to complete courses in any sequence they wish, that is consistent with course prerequisites.

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