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About Sport and Exercise Science at University of Kent

Location: Medway

This programme advances your specialist knowledge and understanding of the scientific principles underpinning sport and exercise. You develop professional skills in monitoring, analysing, evaluating and prescribing interventions for the optimisation of performance. Drawing on the expertise of Kent’s staff, many of whom are at the forefront of their fields, you have the opportunity to apply these skills in a real-world context by working with athletes or specialist client groups.

The programme is designed to develop the professional and academic skills of graduate sport scientists. Health and sport professionals who want to take modules on a stand-alone basis for continuing professional development are welcome to contact us.

Knowledge and understanding

You will gain knowledge and understanding of:

  • how to critically appraise techniques applicable to your own research or practice in sport science
  • methods of data collection in a research area and the critical analysis of previously published work in the area
  • how to recognise and manage any ethical issues in your work
  • the skills and competencies required to work in the field of sport science, including a practical understanding of, and competence in, the use of established methods and techniques to analyse, monitor and optimise performance
  • how to critically evaluate and synthesise theory and research in the field of sport science.

Intellectual Skills

You develop intellectual skills in:

  • the ability to recognise and critically analyse existing methodologies employed in sport science
  • the ability to demonstrate autonomy and originality in tackling and solving research and practical problems within sport science
  • the ability to develop the ability to make informed decisions in complex and unpredictable situations with varying degrees of information
  • the ability to critically analyse, synthesise and evaluate evidence from a variety of sources and apply it to various contexts
  • the ability to use research methodologies to collect data that can be evaluated, interpreted, integrated and disseminated into relevant formats.

Subject-specific skills

You gain subject-specific skills in:

  • how to apply your theoretical knowledge of sport science to the investigation of performance and strategies to optimise performance
  • how to apply experimental, practical and analytical skills to sport science
  • how to produce critical scientific reports, training programmes and case studies in an appropriate format
  • how to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the sub-disciplines of sport science within the context of the programme.

Transferable skills

You will gain the following transferable skills:

  • how to prepare and communicate information on complex contemporary issues in sport science to specialist and non-specialist audiences
  • how to demonstrate IT skills, including the ability to search for, and critically evaluate, internet-based resources
  • how to be an independent and autonomous learner (using the library, note-taking, revision, time-constrained techniques, reading efficiently, problem-solving, action planning, self-motivation and time management)
  • how to demonstrate collaborative skills
  • how to develop a self-reflective element in your learning and evaluation.

This programme aims to:

  • provide you with a foundation of scientific and evidence-based knowledge, essential for building a good sport scientist
  • enhance your understanding of the scientific principles underpinning preparation for, participation in, and recovery from sport and exercise
  • provide you with an interdisciplinary approach to the study of sport science
  • develop a systematic and critical understanding of the current theory, debates and research in sport science
  • give you the opportunity to undertake an in-depth enquiry in selected areas of interest
  • enhance your employability and career preparation by developing a range of both subject specific and key transferable skills.

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