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About Chemistry at University of Huddersfield

Our MChem (Master of Chemistry) degree is a four year enhanced first degree designed primarily for anyone wishing to pursue a career in research and development within the chemical industry or university sectors. At the end of the degree, you will have developed a capacity for logical reasoning, an ability to solve problems and the capability to organise and carry out independent research as well as a good knowledge of chemistry. The first two years cover the important fundamental areas of chemistry. In the second year you will also be able to study an option in analytical chemistry, modern biology, business, medicinal chemistry, forensic science, chemical engineering or environmental science. The third year is spent in industry where you will undertake a relevant research project. The final year includes a substantial research project, more advanced topics in modern chemistry and further modules in your chosen option. The research projects are closely related to the areas of expertise within the department including medicinal chemistry, catalysis, supramolecular chemistry, forensic and analytical chemistry. Course StructureThe chemistry course provides a modern four-way split between inorganic, organic, physical and analytical chemistry. Year 1 Chemistry of the Elements Introduction to Organic Molecules and their Reactions General Introduction to Physical Chemistry Introduction to Analytical Science and Spectroscopy Techniques of Practical Chemistry Data Handling and Computing Year 2 Synthesis and Stereochemistry of Organic Molecules Spectroscopy, Chromatography and Instrumental Analysis Co-ordination Chemistry and Chemistry of Solids Electrochemistry and Phase Equilibria Practical Chemistry Plus an option from: Chemical Engineering Forensic Science Modern Biology Business Environmental Sciences Year 3 Sandwich Supervised Work Experience Industrial Project Polymers and Biomolecules (a self-study module) Year 3 Full-time/Year 4 Sandwich Research Project Advanced, Topical Aspects of Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry Plus an Option from: Analytical Chemistry Chemical Engineering Forensic Science Medicinal Chemistry Biochemistry Business Environmental Science

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