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The award
Joint Honours

How long you will study

Domestic course fees
GBP 9250 per year

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full-time, part-time

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International course fees
GBP 14045 per year

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About English Language Joint Honours at University of Derby

Study English Language as part of our Joint Honours programme and you will enjoy a distinctive, diverse and challenging learning experience, building skills which are relevant to a wide range of career paths.

  • Learn how language shapes our understanding of ourselves and the world
  • Discover things about the English language you never knew, such as the way we produce speech sounds
  • Challenge existing attitudes to linguistic correctness and varieties of English
  • Explore the relationship between language and the human mind
  • Enhance your career prospects by improving your written and oral presentation skills
  • Gain practical experience through work-based learning opportunities.

You can also study English or English Literature and Language as single honours subjects at Derby.

If you're interested in how language works, this course offers a fascinating intellectual challenge while developing practical and analytical skills which are highly sought after by employers.

Exploring the power of language

Our programme covers a range of approaches which enable you to describe and analyse language at all levels, from the individual sounds of English through words, phrases and sentences to stretches of written and spoken language.

It brings a new dimension to areas you may have encountered already, such as language and power, stylistics and Gricean pragmatics. It also introduces you to other branches of language including psycholinguistics, cognitive pragmatics and literacy.

In addition, we will help you become familiar with significant historical, social and global varieties of language as well as the nature of linguistic representation and the construction of meaning.

In the second and third stages of your programme, you will have increasing control over the modules you study and the assignment topics you pursue. We provide a broad choice of optional modules to allow you to specialise in your particular areas of interest.

Conduct your own research

The study of English Language is based on observation and experiment. As you progress through this programme, you will learn how to undertake your own hands-on research into key questions surrounding language. You will design research projects, collect and analyse spoken or written linguistic data, and draw conclusions.

In stage two of the course, you will collaborate with other students on a research initiative and present your findings as a conference poster, which you will display to the group and discuss with the staff members who are assessing you.

Work-based learning opportunities

We offer exciting opportunities for you to apply your skills and knowledge in the context of the workplace. Our strong partnerships across the creative and cultural industries open doors to a range of work-related learning activities and employer-led projects.

You can make the most of these experiences through modules in stages two and three of the course

Study options for this course

  • The award How you will study How long you will study Course starts Domestic course fees International course fees
  • The awardJoint HonoursHow you will studyFull-time, Part-timeHow long you will study find out
    Course startsSeptemberDomestic course feesGBP 9250 per yearInternational course feesGBP 14045 per year

Entry requirements

UCAS points

  • 120* (up to 16 from AS-levels)

Specific requirements at A-level

  • At least a C in English or similar at A-level (or equivalent qualification)

Specific requirements at GCSE

  • GCSE Maths and English Grade C/Grade 4 (or above) or equivalent qualification

Interview / Audition

  • N/A


  • N/A

Don't meet the entry requirements?

Consider a Foundation or Pathway course at University of Derby to prepare for your chosen course:

What students think about University of Derby

    Arun Sudhakar MSc International Spa Management

    Testimonial from Arun Sudhakar MSc International Spa Management, student at University of Derby

    “Any student who really wants to progress with their learning will not be disappointed when joining the University of Derby. I would recommend all ambitious students interested in the spa industry to come and join the MA International Spa Management course for a brighter future!

     I really enjoyed studying in Buxton. It is a very calm and beautiful place where I have been successful in building good relations with the local people. I will be so sad when I leave because of the memories of some great times I have had here. I feel blessed with the knowledge and experience I got from my tutors, and have enjoyed each and every moment.”

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    Sumedha Rambukwella MSc Marketing Management

    Testimonial from Sumedha Rambukwella MSc Marketing Management, student at University of Derby

    Sumedha found that modules were covered in great detail; smaller classes are beneficial because they enable the students to have the lecturer’s personal attention. “Lecturers at Derby are extremely supportive and very friendly and my class mates are truly international. Being exposed to various cultures here in Derby while studying has already helped me and it will continue to help me when I start working in an international environment.”

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    Samuel Joseph MSc Conservation Biology

    Testimonial from Samuel Joseph MSc Conservation Biology, student at University of Derby

    “The lecturers here are friendly, resourceful, supportive, approachable and always keen to pass on their knowledge and skills to students. Members of staff in the library are wonderful people. They are helpful and ever ready to assist any student.”

    Completing the Conservation Biology course has left Samuel better equipped and informed, enabling him to assist younger generations in a range of areas such as computing, analytical methods, conservation of habitats and species of all kinds when teaching back home.

    “I will recommend the University of Derby to as many as are ready to learn and reach a better height for their personal growth and the world in general.”

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