Business and Science in Vineyard & Winery Management (Master)

University of Bordeaux France

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About Business and Science in Vineyard & Winery Management at University of Bordeaux

The Master of Business and Science in Vineyard & Winery Management provides training in response to new market demands for wine industry professionals who have both technical (viticulture and oenology) and entrepreneurial (business management) skill sets. The program is designed to further student’s knowledge in business management, viticulture, and oenology. It seeks to complement the knowledge base through an individually structured and flexible curriculum. In an industry that is increasingly competitive, the integration of these skill sets within a company is essential for success.

The study program focuses on three main thematic areas:

  • Business Management: Design and implement a business plan, i.e. operating statement, choice of actions, etc. Structure the legal and/or financial framework of the project. Strategically set priorities and monitor accomplishment of business objectives.
  • Vineyard Management and Wine Production: Analyze the interactions between soil/climate/plant. Manage the vineyard from plantation to harvest. Understand the science based fundamentals of terroir, choice of plant material, and canopy management through practical experience. Acquire and develop knowledge of oenology and winery technology. Conduct winery evaluations focused on aligning wine production with commercial objectives. Enhance tasting ability and sensory evaluation.
  • Commercialization: Establish a product price according to economical and technical criteria. Conduct commercial analyses. Hold a cost accounting. Calculate and analyze costs.

Study options for this course

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Notes about fees for this course

The tuition fees for the Master degree are 10,000 € (per year), to be paid annually. These fees include registration and general administrative costs, classes and travel costs for study visits. 

Entry requirements

  • Admission requirements: Hold an undergraduate degree, 3 years minimum (i.e. Bachelor degree, or the equivalent), from an accredited college or university, in a closely related field (Business, Management and Economy, Administration, Marketing, Accounting and Finance, Agronomy/Agricultural Sciences, Food/Plant Sciences and Technologies).
  • Language requirements: Working proficiency of English (language certificates are not required. Language proficiency will however be verified during a Skype interview).

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