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About Engineering Physics at Silesian University of Technology

Full-time BSc studies in the field of Engineering Physics is a seven-semester course concluded with obtaining a diploma in engineering physics and the title of an engineer in the field of engineering physics. The graduate is able to design and operate specialist research and measurement equipment and to conduct measurements using advanced research techniques. In the course of the studies, the student acquires knowledge in physics and mathematics and selected fields of technology – informatics and information technology and the fundamentals of electronics. The basic knowledge is complemented by specialist topics centered around high vacuum techniques, measurement methods, including mainly spectroscopic and microscopic methods requiring vacuum conditions, control of measurements and analysis of experimental results. The graduate is well prepared to work in teams consisting of specialists representing various fields of science and technology and is in the possession of the necessary basis for solving problems arising at the interface of various fields.

Within the core subjects’ modules, the graduate acquires the knowledge and skills in general physics, mathematical analysis, engineering graphics and computer aided design, basics of programming, experimental physics, numerical methods, simulation methods of physical phenomena and measurement automation. Specialized subjects cover selected topics in the fields of vacuum apparatus, high vacuum technology, control systems, physical and chemical sensors, isotopic methods, programming of drivers and controllers as well as database management. The graduate’s knowledge and skills are complemented by the subjects of economics, business organization and legal basis of entrepreneurship.

Instructors are the academic staff of the Silesian University of Technology and specialists with work experience in the industry. An industrial internship (a placement), is an integral part of the course. The studies are completed with the submission of an engineering project and passing a diploma exam. The graduates of Engineering Physics of the Silesian University of Technology will find employment in research institutes, design bureaus and industrial laboratories employing highly specialized diagnostic equipment, process automation industry, analytical and consulting companies and in computing centers. In addition, they may find employment directly in production as well-trained engineers possessing solid theoretical foundations of technical knowledge, who are prepared to acquire new knowledge and skills.

The graduate of Engineering Physics is well prepared to undertake the Master’s degree course, in the field of Engineering Physics and selected technical areas.

Study options for this course

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  • The awardBScHow you will studyFull-timeHow long you will study3 - 4 years
    Course startsOctoberDomestic course fees find outInternational course feesEUR 2100 per semester

Entry requirements

Proficiency at level B2 by CEFR scale or equivalent.

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