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About Bachelor of Business Engineering at KU Leuven

Business Engineers are global managers who can solve complex business problems in an analytical way using a multi-disciplinary approach. The Bachelor of Science in Business Engineering is taught in English and has a strong international focus. It is a well-rounded programme that utilizes an academic structure, and follows a 'science-as-foundation' and a 'practice-as-orientation' approach.

What is the programme all about?

Throughout the Bachelor of Science in Business Engineering (Brussels) you:

  • acquire the necessary skills to solve challenging business problems in an analytical way using a multi-disciplinary approach;
  • gain considerable insight into the specific challenges corporate life is facing.

You are set for a promising (international) career thanks to your current insights in the combination of business economics, quantitative methods and technology, your management capabilities and your language skills.

More specifically, in the Business Engineering programme, you will focus on managing and optimising business processes. You will become acquainted with business economics as well as the different functional domains in companies (e.g. accountancy, financial management, marketing, production and logistics, human resources management). You will learn how a company operates on a daily basis and how its processes are organised.

Designing business processes is often at the core of the business engineer’s activities, e.g. in companies looking to launch a new production process, optimise it or make their service process run more efficiently. In doing so, you will pay attention to human behaviour and the social phenomena that determine the way we think and act. As you need to know how the economic world surrounding the organization works, you will learn about important economic concepts and methods through economic analysis. Topics dealing with law and tax regulations are also a crucial part of the programme, seeing they can have a major impact on business.

In addition to advancing your managerial skills, you will also sharpen your analytical skills. You will master the necessary mathematical and statistical techniques to analyse business problems and work out optimal solutions (e.g. staff planning, organisation of a production process, sales predictions for the next quarter, measuring the impact of an advertising campaign).

Considering information is more important than ever, you will also acquire a solid background in ICT skills and information management. As a business engineer, you need to know how companies can manage and analyse information. After an introduction to natural and applied sciences, you will understand critical technological processes and are able to assess the impact of innovation on companies, their environment and sustainability.


The Bachelor of Business Engineering programme is a multi-disciplinary programme, consisting of courses within the broad fields of:

  • Management of Business Domains
  • Design of Business Processes
  • Mathematical and Statistical Techniques
  • Natural and Applied Sciences
  • Economic Analysis and International Orientation.

In the last programme stage you will carry out a cross-disciplinary management project. Through this practical experience you will develop specific competences that are important to the business engineer, including entrepreneurship, problem-solving reasoning and critical reflection. At the same time, this project encourages independence and team spirit.

Why study this programme? 

The Business Engineering programme combines scientific knowledge with a business-orientation that fits the day-to-day reality of the business world. This programme offers you a scientific foundation that will help you to think critically and in a problem-solving way.

Furthermore the programme has a strong international focus. Our students participate in exchange programmes with numerous partners both within and outside Europe but also have the possibility to do an exchange within Belgium.

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Furthermore, the programme offers you the following benefits:

  • A well-rounded programme: The Bachelor of Science in Business Engineering provides a very diverse programme within the specific fields of economic analysis and international orientation, management of business domains, ICT-skills and information management, mathematical and statistical techniques, natural and applied  sciences, behaviour and society, law and languages offering you the opportunity to cultivate a much sought after multi-disciplinary approach towards business
  • Contact with businesses: During your education you will engage with multiple organisations and international managers via a business project, guest lectures and business seminars.
  • Centrally located and truly international:  The Bachelor of Science in Business Engineering is a joint programme organised by the Faculty of Economics and Business of KU Leuven and the Faculty of Economics, Social and Political Sciences and Communication of the Université Saint-Louis – Bruxelles. Both institutions are situated in the heart of the city, with several metro (underground) connections in the immediate vicinity. You will meet and work closely with students from other cultures and nationalities. The diversity of our programmes is impressive: more than 90 nationalities are represented in our international programmes.

Study options for this course

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Notes about fees for this course

For more fee information, please visit the tuition fee page.

Entry requirements

To be eligible for the Bachelor of Business Engineering, you must have access to higher education in your home country. You also have to provide evidence of your proficiency in mathematics as well as English.

For more information on admission requirements, please visit the programme website. 

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