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About Master of Water Resources Engineering at KU Leuven

The Master of Water Resources Engineering addresses water-related issues in developed and developing countries. The general programme objective is to educate professionals and scientists who contribute effectively to the development and management of water resources on both a local and global scale.

What is the programme all about?

The Master’s programme provides multi-disciplinary and high-quality university education in the field of water resources engineering. Students will be trained with technical and managerial knowledge and skills to: (i) successfully plan, design, operate and manage water resources projects; and (ii) advise and support authorities in decision-making and policy-making that enhance the safe exploitation and re-use of wastewater and the equitable distribution and conservation of local, regional and global water resources.

Water Resources Engineering deals with the methods and techniques applied in the study of: 

  • water needs for agriculture, industry, households, recreation, navigation, hydroelectric power generation
  • problems related to storm water drainage and flood damage mitigation
  • problems related to water quality in streams and aquifers, erosion, sedimentation, protection of ecosystems and other natural resources
  • integrated water management
  • institutional, socio-economic, and policy issues related to water resources development and management


The full programme comprises 120 ECTS. Candidates who already have a relevant Master’s degree can apply for the abridged programme (60 ECTS) that will mainly follow the second year courses.

The first year of the full programme builds a common foundation and is the same for all students. In the second year a more personal programme is designed.

Through the choice of 3 elective courses and a specific topic for thesis research, you can tailor your study programme to fit your interests. 

Through the choice of 3 elective courses and a specific topic for thesis research, you can tailor your study programme to fit your interests.

Courses are held both at KU Leuven and the VUB campus in Brussels.


The programme has a strong research-base, which is supported by water-related research in several faculties of both VUB and KU Leuven. The research is also on water resources in the South and the North under a wide range of climates and environments.

Project-based learning activities (working on real-world case studies) are a major teaching method. This helps students to acquire the practical skills and attitudes needed in their professional life.

Global water-related challenges and commitments are discussed throughout the programme. This includes the Sustainable Development Goals (e.g. with water being closely linked to SDG6 clean water and sanitation, and related to SDG2 zero hunger, SDG13 climate action, SDG14 life below water). The programme also covers the water management needs as formulated in the EU water legislation such as the Water Framework Directive and the Floods Directive. Hereby, climate and land-use change are an important focus.

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