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About Master of Food Technology at KU Leuven

To fulfil its nutritional destiny, food must be safely produced and delivered to the end consumer. This requires processing technologies to convert raw materials into intermediates, ingredients and foods, together with preservation technologies to assure their stability and shelf life. Today, the sustainable production of high quality safe and nutritious foods is a key challenge.

 What is the programme all about?

The Interuniversity Programme in Food Technology (IUPFOOD) is an academic master of science programme that intends to equip its alumni with the scientific, technical and managerial knowledge, skills and attitudes which they require to contribute successfully to solving problems related to food security through the production of safe foods of high quality.

Two technological dimensions of crucial importance in food processing and preservation are the key objectives and programme options: 

  • Postharvest and food preservation engineering, with focus on the role of postharvest and food preservation unit operations in delivering safe and nutritious foods, in particular plant based foods, to the end consumer.
  • Food science and technology, with focus on the transformation (processing) of raw materials in products for human consumption or in intermediate ingredients for further use in the food industry.

The Interuniversity Programme in Food Technology (IUPFOOD) is jointly organised by KU Leuven and Ghent University (UGent).



The Master of Science in Food Technology (120 ECTS) consists of four major segments:

  • In-depth education segment (60 ECTS) consisting of master level courses in food science, engineering and food engineering 
  • Specialisation segment (17-19 ECTS) consisting of a set of in depth courses linked to one of the two options (‘postharvest and food preservation engineering’ or ‘food science and technology’).
  • Elective courses segment (11 - 13 ECTS) consisting of courses on specific food related subjects.
  • Master’s thesis segment (30 ECTS) consisting of an advanced research topic in the field of food technology.

Throughout the programme emphasis is given to six learning tracks: food product technology, food quality assurance and safety, food process and preservation engineering, scientific independent research, communication and management, and scientific integrity.

During the first stage of the Master's programme, you will spend the first semester at UGent and the second semester at KU Leuven. The second stage courses of the majors 'Postharvest and Food Preservation Engineering' and 'Food Science and Technology' are taught respectively at KU Leuven and UGent. At both universities, optional courses and thesis research topics are offered.


The IUPFOOD programme is an interuniversity MSc training programme that builds on KU Leuven’s and UGent’s combined expertise in research and education in the field of food technology. The interuniversity character of the programme, offering two learning environments, creates clear added value which is highly appreciated by students and alumni.

The programme is oriented towards international students with a diverse educational background. The programme structure and content is very well adapted to this diverse educational background of incoming students, including students from the South. The programme structure, the selection criteria used and the availability of refresher courses at the start of the programme remediate for the diverse background of the students.

Alumni, in particular those from the South, consider the programme to be highly relevant for their personal development, their professional career and the development of their home country.

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