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About Master of Urbanism, Landscape and Planning at KU Leuven

Cities and settlements are under extreme pressure. Social and environmental inequity is sharply on the rise. Urbanism, spatial planning and intervention in landscape systems are in urgent need of renewed approaches. New strategies must be developed to not only tackle social exclusion, unequal distribution of resources and spatial contradictions, but also be inspired by the multiple and (trans)cultural expressions of worldwide urbanisms. The Master of Urbanism and Strategic Planning focuses on multi-faceted and -scalar issues of contemporary urban development.

What is the programme all about? 

The programme develops a critical understanding of the contemporary conditions of settlements, cities and urban regions. It introduces students to innovative concepts and strategies for qualitative interventions in urban territories through projects, plans and policies across different scales.

The programme is part of the European Postgraduate Masters in Urbanism (EMU). MaULP students can apply to spend the second semester abroad at one of our partner universities-UPC Barcelona, TU Delft or IUAV Venezia—to obtain the EMU certificate.

Programme outline

The programme is organised according to the following format:

  • Compulsory and optional courses
  • Urbanism studios (year 1)
  • Thesis studios (year 2)

Design and thesis studios form the heart of the programme. They are organised as two full days of work on Mondays and Tuesdays to provide an intensive and immersive working environment such as occurs in most professional practices. These courses build a balance between teamwork and individual contribution, since students are subdivided into small but varied groups from the outset.

Depending on the track students choose (urbanism, planning or landscape), certain optional courses are compulsory. 


  • The programme benefits from the department’s worldwide contacts in the fields of urbanism, planning and landscape. Professionals involved in teaching, design, and consultancy from different corners of the world enhance and reflect the international character of the MaULP curriculum. A strong network of alumni and a sound reputation fosters an active system of collaborations supporting urbanism and thematic thesis studios.
  • Fieldwork is an essential component of the program. In urbanisms studios, fieldwork is an essential foundation for design interventions. In the first semester, work occurs in the Belgian context. In the second semester, the sites are non-Belgian (one European and one non-European). Fieldwork is also a fundamental part of these projects, which are developed in various sites under umbrella themes proposed by faculty members.

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