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About Master of Geology at KU Leuven

This master is a two-year programme jointly organised by KU Leuven and Ghent University. You'll receive in-depth training in the various fields of geology and develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills needed to work in interdisciplinary teams addressing complex geological problems.

What is the programme all about?

The strong emphasis on research is a major benefit of the programme. Besides enhancing your knowledge and skills in numerous specialised courses, including a field-mapping course, you will conduct your own master’s thesis project within a research team (professor, postdoc, PhD-student) and at the same time develop the important scientific skills, such as reporting and presenting, that you’ll need in your future career. 


The master’s programme offers 4 different majors: Geodynamics and Georesources, Surface Processes and Paleoenvironments, Geology of Basins and Soil and Groundwater.

  • In Geodynamics and Georesources, you will study rock-forming processes and mineral distributions in the subsurface. You will develop the ability to analyse and explain the complexity of the various interacting physical and chemical rock-forming processes and apply this knowledge to the exploration of natural resources. This major is organised by KU Leuven.
  • In Surface Processes and Paleoenvironments, you will study the interaction between the geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere. You will develop the ability to analyse and explain the complex interaction of surface processes relating to the variability of various aspects of the Earth’s surface, including the water cycle and Earth’s climate. This major is organised by KU Leuven.
  • In Basins and Orogens, you will study the processes steering the genesis and evolution of sedimentary basins and the surrounding areas. You will develop the ability to analyse and explain the complexity of the interacting processes that determine the evolution of sedimentary basins. This major is organised by Ghent University.
  • In Groundwater and Mineral Resources, you will study hydrogeological and pedological characteristics and processes with a focus on the fundamental and applied aspects of soils and groundwater. You will develop the ability to analyse and explain the complexity of the physical and chemical processes influencing soil and groundwater, and to be able to come up with remedial measures. This major is organised by Ghent University.


  • The programme is firmly rooted in the research of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (KU Leuven) and the Department of Geology (Ghent University). Both departments continuously develop and maintain innovative and widely recognised research programmes on both the fundamental and applied aspects of geoscience.
  • The programme offers optional courses on a wide variety of topics, from environmental law to volcanology. This allows you to shape your own profile according to your interests.
  • The KU Leuven has a strong exchange programme (Erasmus) with top universities in Europe and around the world.

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