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About Master of Chemistry at KU Leuven

This programme provides extensive chemical knowledge and thorough training in current research. You will learn to deepen and apply your new knowledge to solve the interdisciplinary problems of the future, in both an industrial and an academic setting. The programme is anchored in the strong research environment of the Chemistry Department.

What is the programme all about?

The Master of Chemistry (Leuven) programme prepares the student to conduct solid research in an academic or industrial setting. Students apply the newly acquired knowledge and skills to identify a research question, to establish its chemical and social context, and to design a pathway to address this particular question.


The full master’s programme comprises 120 ECTS credits, including 18 ECTS for compulsory courses, and 42 ECTS for electives. In addition, you develop practical skills in an external internship in industry or a research institute (30 ECTS), while the remaining 30 ECTS are allocated to a master's project.

There are three exciting tracks to choose from: Theoretical and Structural Chemistry, Sustainable Chemistry, and Nanostructured Materials. Each track is on the leading edge of research and development in chemistry.


  • The Department of Chemistry aims to develop research programmes dedicated to solving problems in the domains of design, synthesis and the characterisation of new compounds for medicinal and materials applications.
  • Students will learn about sustainable synthetic chemistry and hydrometallurgy, and determination and theoretical prediction of the chemical properties of biomolecules and polymers on the molecular, as well as on the materials level by spectroscopy, microscopy and other tools.
  • Students will have the extensive resources of the faculty network at their disposal and get a foot in the door to employment, or to pursuing further academic interests. 

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